If your friend or family member is expecting, you will soon have the task of finding a gift for their baby shower or birth. This can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t have kids yourself. It is also stressful to try and find the best gift if you’re very close to the expectant mother or father. You have to be thoughtful, but we all know this is often mistaken with just splashing the cash. The most meaningful gifts do not have to be ridiculously expensive so don’t break your bank trying to find something extravagant. Any gifts for new parents are well received, so don’t worry too much. Aim for something sentimental and heart-warming. If that really isn’t your vibe, go for a gift that is practical and will be used often, as any new mother or father will be in need of all the help they can get! Hopefully, these ideas will help you hit the ground running when searching for their perfect gifts.

Let’s start off with practical gifts. Anything you buy that can be useful for the new parents or baby is going to be so helpful. Even if it’s just a little something to help take the stress off or make a daily task a little bit easier. This could be baby-related or not, depending on what you find. The first thought you must have had is baby clothes, yes? Then go shopping for baby clothes! This could be exactly what they need, and you know that they will be used. However, they may already have an abundance of baby grows etc ready for the arrival of their child. Many parents to get organised with things like this prior to the birth, it’s only natural for them to overspend on their soon-to-be baby! This is when you start thinking of other items they may want or need. Why not grab them a coffee machine? They are facing a lot of sleepless nights ahead. Even get them some bath products or new PJs for themselves, help them relax! You could shop locally for items like this too.

Next up on the list is more thoughtful and sentimental types of presents. Looking for cute gifts for their baby is going to be even more difficult, especially if you don’t have children. New-born babies are too small for toys and don’t have any awareness of games, clothes, or any of the things you would normally buy a toddler. If you are going to get a gift for the baby, then it should be something they can keep for years to come. I love the idea of personalised gifts, such as something for their nursery or bedroom. You can find millions of gorgeous items like this on sites such as Etsy. Most of these products are made by small businesses too, who need all the support they can get! Their products will often be inexpensive and amazing quality as they will likely be handmade, and quality checked. The stuffed toys with the option for a personalised name on them are beautiful and would make fab gifts. You can also find personalised prints, toy boxes and accessories to add to the child’s room.

If you’re shopping last minute or in a rush, this one is your best bet. These days we have an instant way to buy and send a gift, even when you have no idea what to get or what that person likes. Gift cards are the easiest and fastest thing you can get and send to anyone, anywhere in just a few seconds. There are hundreds of different gift cards you can choose from, so you have no reason to stress about it. For new parents, my favourite is a gift card for JoJo Maman Bebe, as they have a range of baby clothes and accessories that the receivers can choose from. This saves you all the time and hassle of having to choose the gift yourself but keeps the thoughtful aspect there. The new parents can also go through the website themselves and pick out what they want most, funded by you! Have a look and see what gift vouchers catch your interest.