You will have likely heard about dip powder nails, but if you are unsure what they actually are and how to apply them, then read on! First of all…

Find a Fitting Starter Kit

The most important part of a DIY dip powder nail manicure is getting the right kit. There are many manufacturers of dip powders, but only a few of them are targeted at novices. A kit for a newbie should contain…

  • The dipping powder – the more colours included, the better
  • A bonder – this helps the products to stick to your nail bed
  • A base coat- the one you put the powder on
  • An activator – hardens and dries the powder and base coat
  • A topcoat that seals the nail, and adds a glossy look
  • A brush saver liquid – protects the brushes from drying

Accessories you will need

What we have mentioned above is what you will use to make your nails colourful using dip powder. However, before you start the application process, there are a few accessories that you will need. These include…

  • A recycling tray – you pour in the powder here so that it becomes easier to dip your nails in
  • A nail file – for shaping your nails to your desired look
  • A buff – for removing the extra polish on your nails, if any
  • A nail cleaning pad – this will help you clean your nails before and after the application
  • A dust brush – removes any extra powder from your nails
  • Clippers and cuticle pusher – help to prepare nails by pushing the cuticle away from the nail plate
  • Cuticle oil – this comes in handy when you finish applying the dip powder nails, as it is used to hydrate your cuticles

How to apply

The application process of dip powder nails is relatively straightforward. Most kits come with a user manual with pictures. In a few simple steps, you will save both time and money. Here are steps you can follow for the application…

  1. Prepare your nails – remove any dirt, oils, and remnant polish
  2. Apply the bonder on each nail
  3. Apply the base coat
  4. While the base coat is still wet, dip the nail into the powder
  5. Brush off any extra powder
  6. Repeat the steps 3-5 above until you are happy with the pigment
  7. Apply the sealant and activator, and let the nail dry
  8. File, buff, and shape as desired
  9. Apply the topcoat

During application

  • Gather all your tools before you begin. This is because the base coat is a fast-drying liquid, so you want to apply it immediately and dip your nail into the powder.
  • Also, file your nails properly to avoid irregular lifting.
  • So that your nails do not crack after application, brush off the extra powder parallel to the nail.
  • Also, brush ever so lightly, so that you do not poke the powder.
  • As for dipping, dip your nails at a 45° angle and remove your nail the same way. Avoid pushing the powder onto your nail because the end product will not look great.

Once you finish the application:

  • Clean your brushes
  • Cover the dip powders tightly
  • Cap the liquids tightly, and store them in a cool place.