The Tik Tok social network has become popular not only among young people. Men and women over 40 also enjoy spending time at Tik Tok. The number of users of the service is growing every year, the conversion is increasing.

Many people earn here, but for this you need to promote the site. How to do it? This article will describe 5 clever ways to promote on the TikTok network that many do not know about.

Likes and subscribers in TIK TOK

A lot of likes, comments, reposts to a published entry in TikTok is the first step to success! Other users will definitely see them, go to the author’s profile and subscribe if it is interesting.

Top reasons why likes and followers on tiktok are important:

With a large number of subscribers, you can make money from advertising.

Through its site in TikTok, it is allowed to redirect to Instagram / YouTube, inviting users to subscribe to profiles in other social networks.

People who make money through social networks increase earnings with high efficiency. But for this you need to promote your TikTok account.

Paid promotion in Tik Tok through services

This service helps to save time and money. The main advantage is that the audience will consist of pages of real people, not fakes. Real followers will actively rate videos, comment and invite their friends to subscribe. The promotion service offers a quick way to become popular. In turn, free applications / self-promotion will take more time and there is no guarantee of the desired result.

  1. Registration of an account in Tik Tok

This is not the most important stage in promotion, but without a beautiful design, you will not be able to achieve good results.

The main profile page consists of:

Nick. Should reflect the actual content posted by the page owner. If you plan to publish a video about yourself, you need to name the profile with your own name. If it is a thematic public, for example: cars, then the name will sound: “Auto tuning” or “Hot cars”.

Username. Should be short and easy to remember.

Description. The user, having logged into the account, pays attention to it. If the nickname displays your name or subject, the description should reveal the subject of the account.

Fans, likes, subscriptions. The large number of subscriptions shows that the auto account is actively subscribing to the profiles of other users. A lot of likes speaks of popularity.

  1. Filling posts

Large block of information. If the account is thematic, then the publics should be about cars. But how do you make your account popular? Scrolling through the feed on the social network, popular bloggers are visible. The secret is that they deliver quality content. Everything is written clearly and to the point. “Brevity is the sister of talent” and that’s a fact!

After conducting surveys of the audience, finding out what is interesting to them, you need to publish content on this topic. Success is guaranteed!

  1. How to write hashtags correctly

In Tiktok, hashtags are important for page development. It is necessary to put hashtags under the published video according to the topic, for example: a public about cars, the video is posted with a Tesla car. You need to put: #tesla # auto #car.

To boost subscribers, you can use popular hashtags that are in the Top today. People browse hashtags on topics they like.

Broadcasting is another way to promote your site. For the target audience, you need to conduct online broadcasts 2 times a week. What does it give:

new subscribers;

contact with readers;

attraction of the audience to the events of the group;

you can conduct an interesting survey or competition.

This helps to establish contact with subscribers, get new likes and comments.

When creating videos in Tik Tok, you can add special effects. So the clip will be remembered and liked more by people. They will want to see new ones. This will attract the attention of the audience, new subscribers. The special effects are in the application itself. They can be in the form:


sun rays;

animal masks;

split screen;


change of eye and hair color;

repeat fragments or slow down the video;


Using these special effects gives the video more beauty. Experience shows that the flow of subscribers will increase.

  1. Important points for boosting subscribers

You cannot gather a loyal audience in a day. You will need to constantly attract a stream of new subscribers. After increasing their number, there will be an increase in likes / comments. When using wrapping services, you need:

order “live” subscribers;

you need to promote your account gradually so as not to block the page. You need to attract constantly subscribers, but not more than 100 per day.

Cheat likes helps to save time / get to the TOP faster.

Use trending special effects for more popularity in TikTok.

It is necessary to take into account these points if you need to increase the number of new people in a short period of time.

Today, TikTok has over 1,000,000 users who lead an active lifestyle on the platform and earn money. Withdrawals can be made to a plastic card or electronic wallet.

Popular Promotion Resources

Some sites provide an opportunity to test their services. This helps them attract new users. People, in turn, temporarily improve the statistics, helping the videos to break into the recommended and trends. Of course, you should not constantly unwind in this way, however, at the initial stage it is quite effective.


What is the benefit of attracting subscribers?

Large audience gives:

popularity of the site;

entering the TOP bloggers;


you can make new friends and acquaintances of interest.

The article listed the main methods for promoting a page on the TikTok social network, using which you can gain popularity not in the early days, but in the near future.


  1. Sketches rule

Small videos on hot topics with humor will always be popular and gain heaps of views. Be sure to try to upload a couple of these videos to your channel. Naturally, for this you need to tinker, come up with a scenario, pick up the scenery, but it will be worth it.

A little tip: find an interesting joke or a popular joke and try to beat it in your video.

Tips from the developers themselves

– Looking for vertical videos and no others, this format is the most suitable for the application and to please the audience.

– Not only likes play a role, the popularity of a channel is made up entirely of all indicators of subscribers’ activity.

– The systematic publication of videos is important, like the previous two points.

– Hashtag as a linking label. Approach their instructions as carefully as possible. Inappropriate tags will not bring additional views.