Modern banking systems require effective decision making. To improve the customers interaction and simplify the resolution of banking business problems, a comprehensive and effective marketing automation for banks is required.

A fast operating online platform should include all means of communication with the bank’s customers. Such programs are designed to provide users with effective means by which they can organize such communications using all methods known today.

The main task of a CRM system for banking marketing is to provide global automation of any advertising and promotional tasks. This set of programs was designed to take the relationship between the bank and its customers to a whole new level.

Benefits of Automation of the Banking Processes Marketing

The presented software package that automates the work of the banking sector is able to cover all important areas that contribute to the further development and growth of profits of financial institutions. Automation helps improve marketing, service sales, and all aspects of customer service.

The new software allows to:

  • store and process customers information in a single database;
  • customize and scale the user experience according to the needs of a particular organization;
  • significantly speed up and simplify the preparation of documents, the exchange of information and the implementation of other business processes of the bank’s marketing strategy;
  • create a unified knowledge base, including a set of regulations and instructions;
  • provide access to other marketing systems and knowledge bases;

The automation of marketing tasks in the banking sector allows you to minimize all routine operations, as well as provide full-fledged analytics, which is very important for large financial institutions that have more than 50 offices and work with more than 10 million customers, both individuals and legal entities.

Presented software platforms

Every bank needs a full-fledged computer infrastructure. Today, to form a marketing strategy and automate advertising activities, the following apps and platforms have been created:

  1.       SendX is an affordable universal set of programs designed to perform marketing tasks. Its advantages include a simple and straightforward user environment. At the moment, more than 3000 influential corporations in different countries have chosen SendX.
  2.       Pardot is a software that will help increase the efficiency of the bank’s interaction with customers, as well as analyze the largest volumes of incoming data.
  3.       Act-On is a kind of SaaS. The program provides automation of any marketing tasks, from the creation of landing pages to the search for information in social media and control over all analytics processes.
  4.       Cronberry is one of the most versatile marketing solutions for banks. It’s suitable for any scale and provides the best results.

Modern software is the sure way to meeting the needs of bank services consumers and to finding out their true goals.