Buying the best engagement ring is a big deal. You want to surprise and impress your lady when you ask the big question if she wants to marry you. The right engagement ring will make her feel special. Click here to browse for diamond ring options and be connected to master jewelers that can create them for you. We also listed helpful tips below for finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Get the right size

You want the ring to fit perfectly on your partner’s finger when she says “yes” to your proposal. Getting the right size of the ring is very important, and this is something that you must do early on before you even start looking around for your options. If you don’t know the actual size of your lady’s ring finger, find a way to get it without ruining the surprise. You don’t want her to have a hint so that she will be genuinely surprised on the big day. Get sneaky and check her rings when she’s not around, or ask an accomplice like her family members or friends to find the size for you.

Set a budget

Engagement rings vary in price. They can cost from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. Determine your budget so you know what to work on. It will be easier to shop if you know your limit because you can choose from those that fall under that. You want to find the best ring that you can afford. There will be other expenses after the proposal that involves the wedding planning, so you also want to consider that when working on your budget.

Choose the diamond shape and band material

There are also different shapes of diamonds to choose from and material for the band. The shape of a diamond refers to the figure that you see when you look at it and it’s facing up. Some of the shapes available are heart, square, rectangle, oval, pear, and marquise. Consider the style of rings that your partner wears to have an idea of what she would like best. For the band, some of the most popular choices for materials or metals are silver, white gold, platinum, and yellow gold. The choice of metal can affect the price of the ring. For example, while silver and platinum look almost the same, the latter is more expensive because of its rarity and density.

Shop around and compare

Do not jump in and get the first ring that you see. Shop around and compare your options to ensure that you get the best piece at the most affordable price. Doing this online is more convenient as you can type in the specific details on the engagement ring you are looking for and browse the results.

Consider the 4 Cs

To ensure that you are buying a high-quality diamond, consider the 4 Cs, which refer to clarity, color, carat weight, and cut. A diamond that has no color has the best quality. Clarity refers to the absence of blemishes on the diamond. The cut is not similar to the shape. It refers to how the facets of the diamond interact with the light. The carat weight depends on the size of the diamond.

Put these tips into consideration when shopping for the perfect engagement ring to ensure that you will put a smile on your partner’s face.