The builders are used for quick and efficient website creation. With their hep can be created sites, which are completely free of charge and without problems. In a few steps, it can be created a full-fledged Internet project and then fill real estate site online.

For a long time, no one argues that serious projects on the network should be based on full-featured CMS. It has proven themselves from the best side over the years, or on highly specialized self-written engines. But sometimes situations arise when this approach may not suit you. For example, due to time constraints, finances or labor-intensiveness.

Yes, often an Internet project is simply impossible to implement without the involvement of a designer, developer, programmer and other specialists. But it’s possible to create a website without significant financial investments and you are not a specialist in the field of web design and development, but consider yourself to be ordinary users without serious experience in this area, a toolkit called a website builder can help you.

What is it? Website builder is an online platform that allows you to develop and administer websites in the simplest and most accessible way, usually based on ready-made templates.

For a meaningful choice of a suitable online website development service for your tasks, you need to understand in detail the strengths and weaknesses of popular website builders. It will not be superfluous to try out the work on free tariffs in the services you like. Before making the final choice it’s important. 

Which is better: a website on a constructor or a website on a popular CMS

Surely this is the main thing that you want to know: which is better? There is no definite answer. A website builder is not a special path. And one more way to create a website. As independent as developing on a CMS or creating a website from scratch without a ready-made CMS. 

Pros of a website builder

Undoubtedly, the speed of building sites. A website with an individual turnkey design takes a designer from 7 to 14 days. The same site on the CMS will require twice or three times more time.

  • Low entry threshold – you can start on your own and for free.
  • A professional looking website is well worth the work of one web designer. For a site on the CMS, you need to pay four people.
  • Easy upgrades if needed. Blocks can be copied, deleted, hidden. Edit them yourself.

The best builders

There are quite a few successful website builder implementations at the moment for travel and other spheres. How to choose the most suitable option for you? It is necessary to start from a specific task that needs to be implemented. Some constructors create high-quality optimized pages for search engine promotion of sites. Others specialize in complex solutions to Internet commerce problems, others are ideal for quickly creating one-page sites. And so on. Among the best variants are:

  • Squarespace;
  • Wix;
  • Weebly;
  • Webflow;
  • Webnode;
  • Placester;
  • Propertybase.

Mostly website builders are used for:

  • Fast implementation of simple small-scale projects.
  • Manufacturing of non-commercial sites.
  • Development of one-page sites (landing page) as landing pages for online advertising.
  • Testing and finalizing the site concept.
  • Rough visualization of the site concept.

Site design, functional modules, design elements – everything is formed by the designer. The basis is a set of standard templates with a limited possibility of individualization. On the other hand, the development process takes little time. And you do not need knowledge of programming languages ​​and experience in designing sites. The system itself will perform all the routine work. And all the subtleties and difficulties. For example, SEO optimization, adaptation for different user devices in site builder modules are usually already taken into account.

According to the principles of work, a website builder is similar to a Lego constructor. A finished website is created from a set of individual elements. These are such as text fields, forms, sets of buttons, menus, etc. You just need to assemble a ready-made page from this set, customize the elements used (their appearance) and fill the text blocks and fields with the necessary information.

To sum up

All blocks and templates offered to users in the website builder, as a rule, are developed at a professional level. Should be taken into account modern requirements for the style of sites (combination of fonts, colors, sizes of graphic elements, etc.). Due to this, the finished site looks good and is pleasant to use – despite the typical nature of the elements involved in its development. True, such templates become obsolete over time, so serious services are constantly working to add new templates and improve the existing toolkit.