Everyone knows how important it is to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals, and our diets have a significant role to play in this. By eating right – meaning consuming a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and so on – then we can feel better and look better, too. There’s sort of a revolution going on with people changing their lifestyles and habits and trying to watch what they eat – which brings us to fruit juices and smoothies. Fruit juices are definitely a handy way to get those much-needed vitamins and minerals without much effort. Many dining establishments are jumping onto the bandwagon and beginning to offer such products on their menus as well. So the big question is, should you do the same? Are fruit juices and smoothies worth adding to your menu? Here are the answers to your main questions.

  • It’s a chance to get a higher mark-up

You may already be aware that the drinks you serve can have a high mark-up. This is especially true for speciality drinks and alcoholic beverages. Have you ever wondered why a lot of restaurant chains also offer coffee, smoothies, and juices? It’s because they earn more with it! Top beverages can also bring in more earnings for your business, and they can even add more value to your establishment if you don’t typically serve any alcohol. 

  • It allows you to get noticed and gives your business an upgrade 

If you start serving fruit juices, smoothies, and other speciality beverages, it allows you to get noticed – and it gives your business an upgrade. As mentioned, there’s a trend nowadays towards ‘healthy living,’ and fruit juices and other fruit-based beverages are high on the list. You can even feature your juices as a separate thing that caters to a particular market, and you can serve it in fancy containers to increase its appeal. And if you source fruit juice concentrate from organic juice concentrate suppliers like EE & Brian Smith, your reputation can go up even more because you’ve added a fresh and organic item to your menu. Just think of it: if you serve your juice products in a nice way and with a brilliant presentation, you can get customers to post your products on social media without even having to force them – and that’s a great opportunity indeed. 

  • It lets you keep your menu as fresh as possible

Clean and healthy eating is a definite trend, and it looks like it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Everyone appreciates how it feels to eat healthy, and new business enterprises are cashing in and reaping the rewards with trendy offerings that keep customers interested and satisfied. 

  • You can be as creative as possible with your offerings 

Fruit juices are one thing, and you can already get a lot out of different fruit juice mixes and offerings such as passionfruit, raspberry, pineapple, lemon, apple, blackberry, redcurrant, and more. But you can even go a step further by creating your own fruit juice-based alcoholic beverages. Here’s a tip: if you want something memorable, why not create a so-called ‘breakfast cocktail’ such as your version of bloody mary or mimosa? If your place can serve alcoholic beverages, there’s no reason why you can’t come up with your own alcoholic fruit juice concoctions and wow your customers.