There is no argument that modern technology has forever changed the way we live our lives.  Want to get healthy? Track your children? Keep up with appointments? There is probably an app for that. 


The modern conveniences are endless, and if you are a dog lover, then there is a whole slew of apps that can make your life much easier. 


Pawprint is an app that allows pet owners to track their dog’s health in one easy place. The Pawprint app will enable you to store critical veterinary records such as vaccination records or medication history. This app also allows users to set up recurring reminders for future appointments with vets or groomers. 


Dog owners also use Pawprint to track feeding schedules, weigh-ins, and other valuable health information. Pet owners interested in answering questions that appear every day, like “can dogs eat onions?”, can also check Spot & Tango website for that info.


Puppr is a popular app among dog owners because it is an excellent solution for dog owners’ biggest desires. Puppr offers dog owners professionally curated training lessons for the most common dog behavior issues. Each lesson is designed with concise instructions, images, and videos for ease of implementation.


Even better, Puppr offers a platform to troubleshoot continued issues with a trainer. App users can have live discussions with certified trainers when they have questions or concerns about a lesson on the app. There is also a user-friendly profile that allows users to track their dog’s progress through various lessons.


Dog owners love to give their pets a taste of table food, but they often wonder if feeding dogs particular food is safe. iKibble offers a technological solution for searching table food guidelines for dogs. When you question a specific food, you simply type it in the search bar, and the most recent guidelines appear on the app.


Whistle is an app that combines your dog’s safety with his fitness data. Dog owners purchase a collar tag that allows them to track their dog’s activity and whereabouts. This app is an excellent tool for dogs who are prone to wander away from their owners. Further, when combined with healthy foods dog owners can gain control of health and wellness using this app. 

Pet First Aid

Developed by the American Red Cross, Pet First Aid is a fantastic resource for pet owners who like to be prepared. This app contains emergency first aid instructions for a variety of common dog emergencies. 


While the Red Cross is clear on their opinion that dog owners should contact veterinary services in the event of an emergency, the app contains valuable advice for any pet owner. In fact, users can search for nearby vets or animal hospitals within the app to make finding help easy. 

Bring Fido

The old cliche about dogs being “man’s best friend” becomes even more evident with the Bring Fido app. Bring Fido allows dog owners to search for dog-friendly establishments in the US. Users can sort search results for beaches, restaurants, hotels, and other common destinations for dog lovers. 


Bring Fido includes reviews, prices, and additional valuable information in the search results when users click their options.

Final Thoughts

As technology continues to develop, apps and tools become easier to navigate and access. Owning a dog comes with so many great experiences, so make sure that you are using the available tech to make those experiences matter. 


No matter what your long-term goals are for your pup, an app can help you keep up with them.