Many people have turned to using Bitcoin over fiat cash in the last ten years. Therefore, they have investments in the form of Bitcoin due to the many perks that come with doing this. They understand that Bitcoin could even turn them into millionaires.

The only concern many of these people have is the difficulty of turning their Bitcoin to cash. If you are among this group, then this article is for you. It will help you learn all the simple ways how to convert Bitcoin to cash.

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

This method of turning BTC to money can be classified among the simplest. It is typically used to sell your Bitcoin for cash, which is another way of turning Bitcoin to cash. Peer-to-peer platforms help you advertise your Bitcoin investment until you find a seller. Reputable platforms have ready buyers for you.

Even though this might be a bit pricey, the process is quite easy and fast to use. In no time, you will have received your cash. Are you still thinking about how to convert Bitcoin to cash? Peer-to-peer exchanges might be just what you need.

How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash Using LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins came into existence in the year 2012. Since then, many people have enjoyed using this platform every day. Can Bitcoin be exchanged for real money using LocalBitcoins? The answer is simply, yes.

Do you want to know how to convert Bitcoin to cash using this platform? The process is simple. You are only required to create an account, verify your identity, specify your method of payment, and choose your buyers. The good thing about using LocalBitcoins is that it is free, simple, and fast.


How do you transfer Bitcoin into cash using NakitCoins? NakitCoins converts Bitcoin to cash both physically and online. This exchange broker comes with a lot of advantages. One of them is the fact that the user will not need an account. Secondly, there are no limits to how much Bitcoin you can change to cash using this platform.

Moreover, it will only take a short time to convert Bitcoins into cash because the platform is a fully decentralized online one. You should not worry about how to convert Bitcoin to cash using NakitCoins; the whole process is very user-friendly.

How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash Using a Bitcoin ATM

If you are still wondering how to get cash for your Bitcoin, using a Bitcoin ATM is another way. This method is the best for those individuals who do not like having a long sign-up process or verification of ID.

Bitcoin ATMs allow users to sell their Bitcoins for a variety of currencies around the world such as USD or EUR. These ATMs can be found in many countries, and finding the closest one will not be a problem if you browse their locations on the internet.


Hopefully, you have learned how to convert Bitcoin to cash. The other question you might have in mind is how do you cash in Bitcoin for dollars? Well, the answer to this is simple; the same methods listed above can also be used to exchange Bitcoins for dollars. You are left to choose the best for you.