Power BI is one of the most popular enterprise tools that are raging the market at present. Since its release about 5 years back, it has been releasing a Power BI desktop almost per month. The advancements that it has seen in these 5 years are extraordinary and it has almost taken the world by storm. It mainly pertains to various options with regard to data access and storage. In fact, the kind of tools it utilizes – be it internal ones or third-party ones, are all beyond comparison. The cherry on the top is the factor of flexibility in its licensing and the models of implementation suitable to the various needs of various organizations. 

It goes without saying that as a result of such rapid development, the skills and the knowledge required to build as well as implement the Power BI has also exponentially increased. A suitable Power BI training can help you achieve that level of expertise and get an upper hand in your career. 

Why One Should Use Power BI?

As already mentioned, Power BI is a cloud-based enterprise tool that can help you collate and transform larger sets of data creating more advanced insights from them. It has three versions – The Power BI services, Power BI Desktop, and the Power BI Mobile App. There are a variety of industries that are making use of this tool on a huge level and reaping its benefits to the core. The most prominent among them are of course IT & Software Companies, the Finance Industry, Hospitality Industry, Retail Sectors, Management Consultancy Services, and Staffing and Recruitment Agencies. So essentially, most of the major industries are using the Power BI tool for data visualization. Very soon, it will turn out to be the most trusted and popular data visualization tool in the market. 

Skills Required To Become a Power BI Expert

Here is a list of the skills that you need to have if you are looking forward to building your future in the Power BI area. 

  • As a matter of fact, Power BI functions like Microsoft Excel. So it goes without saying that you need to have advanced knowledge in MS Excel to work with Power BI.
  • A major aspect of data visualization in Power BI is data modeling and so, you also have to be quite proficient in the various strategies of data modeling.
  • The data available is made useful to the clients by transforming them with the help of Power Query. So of course, some knowledge in Power Query is essential.
  • You also need to be quite an expert in Structured Query Language or SQL
  • DAX formulae are quite similar to formulae used in MS Excel. So strong knowledge in DAX formulae is also a must. 

Job Titles that you can go for In Power BI

Here are a few of the most prominent posts you can go for while working in Power BI:

  1. BI or Business Intelligence Developer
  2. Data Analyst 
  3. Senior Data Analyst
  4. Senior Software Engineer/ Software Engineer
  5. BI Analyst
  6. Senior BI Analyst

Keep these few things in mind and get the top Power BI training to ride the wave of BI.