Metal prints are quite fashionable and in demand at the moment. With metal prints, the image is infused onto an aluminium sheet, which makes the colors look vibrant and artistic. Here is all that you need to know about metal prints…

What are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are high-definition art pieces that suit the modern interior d├ęcor of many homes very well. Metals like aluminium are used for these prints. The aluminium sheet has a white base coat that makes the colors prominent and vivid when printed. Metal prints have high durability because of this aluminium base.

They are resistant to water, scratches, and their colors do not fade when these prints are hung in humid areas. It makes them suitable for places like kitchens and bathrooms.

If you want to showcase your favorite family photograph, or any other art piece, then metal prints will definitely add charm to your photograph and make it a real talking point.

Metal prints do not need a frame or require a matte finish. You can hang them as it is to give your wall a fantastic new look. Good quality metal prints have rounded corners for safety, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Why You Should Choose a Metal Print?

You will enjoy a multitude of benefits by choosing a metal print over other forms of print. Here are some of the advantages of a metal print…

High Longevity

Metal prints have great longevity. You can display them in any room, even in the kitchen, outdoors, or bathroom, where the humidity and heat is higher than other areas of the home. The high temperature and humidity will not affect the color and material of the print. It will look as fresh in 10 years as it looked when you first bought it.

Easy to Hang

You can hang a metal print as it is. There is no need to frame it or apply a matte surface. Their frameless design has a hanger on the back which you can use to easily hang it on the wall.

High Definition Print

The end result of a metal print is breathtaking when done by a professional. Every detail is prominent, which gives the print a realistic look. The colous are also vivid and clear, and they will look similar to the colors of the original photograph. The image is printed into the aluminium, not on the aluminium surface, which enhances the vibrance and pop of the image.

Things to Consider When Displaying a Metal Print

Surface Finish

A metal print provides four surface finish options. A brushed metal surface mutes the original colors and enhances the metallic element of the image. A true-colour surface has a white basecoat that makes the colors prominent.

Besides these surface finishes, you can also choose either glossy or matte finish. You can buy any of these options based on your preferences.

Hang on a Stud

Metal prints are heavier due to the medium used to make them. That is why it is better to hang them on a stud, which offers added stability.

Use a High-Resolution Image

With metal prints, the image is printed into the metal. That is why you should choose a high-resolution image for the best results.