Picture framing is a simple process, but it can also become complicated depending on the type of frame you want to make. In this article, we will talk about this process to help you understand how exactly the picture framing process is done.

Picture framing process

A few decades ago, picture framing used to be a complicated process. But now, with the advent of technology, things have become easier and simpler.

Frame presentation and protection are the two important factors that are considered during a picture framing process. You will also have to consider your frame’s colour, material, style, matting, and size.

In a frame, the border around your picture is called matting. A matboard, which is explicitly designed for frames, is used to design matting. A matboard is cut into a specific size according to your frame size needs. After that, an opening is made that acts as a frame window and displays the image.

A mat provides protection to your artwork, and also helps with the presentation. It also increases the size of the piece of art. You can design it in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes.

Measurements to keep in mind

During the picture framing process, there are certain important measurements that you need to keep in mind. These measurements include:

  • Viewing size: This is the size of the frame window from where viewers can see your piece of art. When hanging a picture in the frame, know that its edges will get hidden.
  • Outside edge: This is the outside size of the frame. You should know this size if you are planning to hang the frame in an art gallery for an exhibition fro example.
  • Rabbet size: Rabbet is the inner side of the frame that holds a picture, glass, and all the other layers that you want to include. The rabbet size should be accurate to make sure you can add all the layers you want.

Type of frame

Frames differ from each other based on their construction material, size, shape, colour, and finish. You need to consider all these things during the picture framing process or when choosing a frame. It is important to select a sturdy frame that can safely hold your picture and other layers.

What to choose – glass or plexiglass?

Both glass and plexiglass are good choices for frames. However, you should know the basic difference between them to choose the one that is right for you. Plexiglass is unbreakable compared to glass, which means it is more durable. If you want a durable frame that you can easily move around without having to worry about breaking it, plexiglass is a better choice.

Having said that, plexiglass easily gets scratches compared to glass. Even cleaning it with a soft paper towel can leave scratches behind.

Plexiglass is very light in weight compared to heavy glass. If your frame is large and the picture is also heavy, it is best to choose plexiglass to avoid putting extra burden on the frame.