When shopping for a new bedroom set—or any furniture for that matter—you want to make sure that the set you take home reflects your style as well as the unique size requirements of your space. This starts with taking a few measurements, but it also means running down a style checklist. Try flipping through a few magazines to figure out what pieces resonate with you. Are you attracted to a sleek, modern style? Or perhaps you prefer something a little more classic and homier. All of this is important to be sure of before you start shopping the affordable bedroom sets catalog at 1Stop—with free delivery—so you have a map of what it is you’re searching for.

When debating whether to consult professionals, you may consider talking to a few interior designers. Oftentimes, interior designers will charge expensive fees for the simplest consultation and still end up bullying you into buying their products or designing your space in a way that fits with their aesthetic palette rather than what works for you and your family.

This can similarly be said for employees at your local furniture store. Though care is taken to make sure the experience is welcoming—with refreshments at the door and finely staged rooms—you’ll notice quickly that the employees will follow you about asking if you need help. This may seem innocuous, but they are actually salesman who earn a commission based on the products you buy—they will try to push you to purchase the products that will yield them the highest commission.

Once you’ve ironed out the type of bedroom room set you’re looking for, it’s time to enter all of those details into the useful filtering and search tools. Once you start browsing the results, you may be a little surprised at the prices—in a good way! That’s all part of the low-price guarantee you get when you shop directly from the manufacturer. Typically, you pay a premium on the furniture you buy to cover corporate expenses and overhead. Here, 100% of your money goes toward quality.

Speaking of quality, you’ll get nothing but the best products from the best brands with every purchase. In fact, while you shop, don’t be surprised if you see the same product you saw in stores available for a fraction of the cost. These products are built for durability—they are heirloom pieces that will pop up in antique stores a century from now, most likely looking as good as the day you bought them.

A brand-new bedroom set can dramatically elevate your space. They can be elegant and can come in a wide variety of styles—whether you want one that cuts a more modern outline or one that brings a bit of old-fashioned Southern charm to the space, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you shop 1Stop. With financing available, if you need it, there’s no reason you can’t bring home a comfortable and stylish bedroom set to make the most out of your space today!