Stainless steel. As showcased over here, it is very different from regular steel, and we hear it in almost every commercial about kitchen appliances. We might believe that this amenity is pretty easy to obtain, and although this is true to a certain extent, there was a time where stainless steel was considered an unachievable dream. Thankfully, in today’s society, it is more present than ever.

Metals have always been an important part of mankind’s history. From the creation of tools that facilitated an incredible range of activities necessary to our survival, to the creation of the weapons that were once so rooted in our cultures, metals were definitely important to our development, and without the creations that are now possible because of technological advances, we wouldn’t be as developed as we are now.

However, back in the day, the metal works that were once created through forging are not as close as effective as the ones that are possible today. From the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, things were definitely different back in the day, but how different?

The Biggest Difference

Well, back in the day, in order to create a piece of craftsmanship using said metals, the help of a forging master, commonly referred to as a blacksmith, was absolutely necessary. Nowadays, thanks to the manufacturing process, and the general understanding of forging as it is, this process is much simpler, faster, and effective.

There’s also the fact that, as you might have already guessed, the quality of the pieces created back in the day is way too different from the ones created today. A single piece of work created using metals today can last for decades, but back in the day, they were very fragile and enjoyed little durability. Nowadays, creating forged stainless steels is very straightforward, and it is present in a wide variety of industries all around the world.

Stainless Steel as a Type of Metal

Stainless steel can be described as a type of metal that can be recycled infinitely, with a recovery rate that is very close to 100%. It looks great and is used in a wide range of works, from common applications in our daily lives to more complex uses regarding the construction of machinery and complex buildings.

The greatest characteristic of this specific type of creation is that is it very resistant to oxidation, which is one of the causes behind the deterioration of various metals over time.

Building and Construction

One of the ways in which this specific metal is present in today’s society is through building and construction. Although steel is more used when it comes to providing buildings a solid structure and become their foundation, its stainless counterpart can also be used to create fashionable results that would otherwise be impossible, while retaining its durability and sturdiness.

Tools and Appliances

Most of the things created using stainless steel are created through a process known as forging, which, as shown at, is the technique in which metals are bent in specific shapes for the sake of being used in different processes.

Thanks to today’s level of technological advances, this technique now enters the category of manufactory, and this means that the process has evolved considerably from how it was before, considerably improving the level of productivity as well as the complexity of the works that can be created. This means that creating very complex pieces of work using this specific alloy is more than feasible.

For that reason, I would dare to say that, the way in which stainless steel is most present in our daily lives, is through tools and appliances. This, of course, englobes a wide variety of tools, appliances, and amenities, from kitchen knives to camping hatchets, and even gardening shovels, styling scissors, medical equipment, chairs, and tables.

This provides these tools an incredible amount of durability that would otherwise be impossible to achieve while granting them a nice aesthetic feeling, even more, when we talk about professional kitchen knives.

The forging of this specific metal is present in tools and appliances that are used in industries like the pharmaceutic and chemical industries, the construction and architecture industries, energy and research industries, as well as machinery, manufacturing, ship and airplane building, and engineering.

Last Words

Considering all that was mentioned, we could say that the use of this durable and beautiful alloy is indeed one of the foundations of today’s society since it is present in so many aspects of our progress that is hard to mention them all. Even today we can see how companies and manufacturers come up with more complex designs thanks to the new forgers and blacksmiths of today, ensuring our path towards progress and of course, granting various industries its capability to remain relevant and consistent with each passing year.