Over the last decade or so, cloud computing has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in IT with firms big and small transforming their fortunes by migrating to cloud-based servers to streamline their operations. 


However, while you might already be familiar with the term ‘the cloud’, you may not be aware that many of the services you already use are, in fact, cloud-based.  


A brief overview of cloud computing 


To get an idea of how many famous companies have used the cloud to leverage greater performance, it would perhaps be an idea to first give a brief overview of what cloud computing is and what it can do. 


The term, ‘cloud computing’ essentially refers to any computing service that is performed remotely then delivered to the user (typically over the internet). These services can vary from storage to processing, running apps or streaming media, etc. Any service you use that involves remote processing before delivering results to you will likely be cloud-based, including those noted below.


Netflix – a champion of cloud tech


In 2019, streaming media titan Netflix delivered a little over 164 million hours of video to users globally per day and already owns just over 53% of the world’s online streaming media market share. Netflix’s content is available in more than 190 countries and in 30 different languages – a monumental service that relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its delivery. 


Employees skilled in AWS cloud certification look after the firm’s unrivaled service, ensuring uptime for hundreds of millions of users around the world. 


Pinterest – an early adopter of cloud computing


Pinterest is now the 14th largest social media platform in the world – a feat that has largely been made possible by the firm’s early adoption of cloud tech to enable growth. Pinterest allows users to store links, photos, and videos from around the internet into their own public (or private) mood boards – almost like an online library for storing content of interest. The service also helps companies and bloggers to promote their content to other users – yet is often overlooked when it comes to social media promotion. Pinterest also uses AWS to deliver its service. 


Etsy – using the cloud to allow service scalability


Etsy is an online marketplace that allows subscribers to set up an e-commerce presence and start selling their goods online (mostly handmade items produced by budding entrepreneurs). The Etsy service moved to the cloud to allow for continued growth and offer a better service to its users including its complex analytics tools that improve its users’ understanding of store interactions and trends. Etsy uses another of the larger cloud providers – Google Cloud


eBay – transforming services with the help of the cloud


Despite competition from many sectors, eBay remains the most famous auction site globally with more than 175 million users spread across 190 countries globally. The firm takes e-commerce one step further with its innovative bidding system that allows users to buy goods at the best prices. At any given moment on any given day, eBay has over a billion live auctions ongoing – a feat helped by integrating cloud computing into its operations.