We talked to one of London’s more experienced PA trainers and asked her what is the key to becoming a PA. Here you can see details of how to become a PA, but she also shared with us what type of people she is seeing who have decided to become PAs in recent years.

Career Change to become a PA

PA jobs have become more popular across the UK and following the pandemic we are seeing many people choosing to change career and become a PA. Here are two common career changes we have seen; Airline workers and Teachers.

Airline workers have made the change due to the downturn the industry has seen during the pandemic, which has encouraged many to leave the career. It is important to remember this is not new and there have been many airline workers who chose to be PAs for several years. This is often to be able to stay in a more regular routine and avoid constant travel. Their interpersonal skills are highly beneficial to becoming good PAs.

Teachers are often making the move over to become PAs, due to the career not meeting expectations. They are often demotivated by too much paperwork and not enough teaching. The hours drain them and the pay does not meet their requirements as they get older. Therefore, they use their considerable skills to make a successful transition to become a PA.

How do I Become a PA?

Your CV will need to have a qualification from a reputable PA Course. These can be in all forms now, often there are online, virtual classroom and sometimes live classroom courses. You need to verify that it is a reputable training centre and ideally the trainer is skilled to deliver the training well.

You need a variety of skills, including:

  • Diary management
  • Travel Management
  • Organisational and Planning
  • Communication skills
  • IT skills in Word, excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Typing skills (affordable Typing Courses are available)
  • Office Administration skills

The list of necessary skills is quite long but it is essential that you can build as broader range of skills as possible to make a career change to be a PA. Many of your skills will be developed on the job as well. It is a great career as you can work in any industry and you can earn well. Salaries can vary from city to city, but it is good stable work.