Want to plan something special for your little ones? Why not hire an entire cinema screen and give your children a birthday party that they will always remember. Thinking of exciting and new birthday party ideas can be difficult so we have made it easy for you. Take a look at the list we have created below outlining why you should choose Book The Cinema for your child’s birthday party this year!

  • Quick and simple booking process

  • Pick a movie of your choice

  • Create a fun 30 second video that will play on the big screen before your movie. The video can include pictures, video clips and personalised messages chosen and written by you. This will guarantee that your child feels special, you can even include a picture of your child’s first step or a video of them playing with friends.

  • Pre-order food and drinks, we all know that it can be a challenge to queue for food and drinks while also keeping an eye on the children, so let us make it easy for you by having your favourite food and drinks waiting for you at your private screen.

  • It’s a memorable experience that you probably haven’t experienced before.

  • We make it easy, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the movie with your children. We will deal with the rest.

Special Offers Available Right Now For The Perfect Birthday Party Idea!

Remember to take advantage of our special offers that are available until February 13th 2022! To celebrate the launch of Book The Cinema we are offering great deals for anybody that rents a cinema screen through our system!

Why is hiring a private screen a great children’s party idea?

The short answer is that it’s fun and unique. You will have a blast with your children, hiring the entire cinema screen means you don’t have to worry about being too loud, or your children wandering around the screen. You also don’t need to worry about cleaning up after as you may have to deal with when having a party at home.

Your children can also invite as many friends as you want without worrying about space! They can all enjoy a movie of their choice together. We have a range of genres suitable for all occasions and for children of all ages, including family, fantasy, animation and much more. We also feature popular new movies as well as loved classics that you may be familiar with. You can watch your childhood favourite movie with your child and see their face light up as you did when you first watched it in the cinema.

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Trampoline parks, bowling and eating out are fun children’s party ideas but once you’ve done it a few times, you might want to try something new and this is where Book The Cinema comes in. Your children will also be excited to experience something new that their friends may not have experienced before.

Come For Any Occasion

At Book The Cinema we don’t believe you need a reason to make your children feel special so why not take a trip to the cinema, it is the ideal birthday party idea!

How Do I Hire A Cinema Screen For My Child’s Birthday Party?

Just follow these 6 simple steps and you will be on your way to hire a private cinema screen.

1.Choose your preferred cinema location

2.Choose a movie from our selection of latest releases and favourite classics

3. Choose the number of guests

4. Choose your food and drinks

5. Create your own 30 second video that will be played on the big screen before the movie (use your own pictures and videos, then write a message to your guests)

6. Visit the cinema on your big day, sit back and enjoy the movie