Be it serving as; lighting fixture, enhancing the décor of your rooms, or improving air circulation in your house, fans have become an integral part of our day to day lives. However, once you purchase the ideal fan for your room, the celling fan’s installation becomes integral since inappropriate ceiling fan installation might result in serious and at times fatal injuries.

As such, this article will walk you through the appropriate way to carry out ceiling fan installation as shown below. However, we advice installations be taken by professionals such as at Mr Glow electricals.

Removal of existing light fixtures

  • To safely remove the existing light fixture, turn off electricity to the circuit then carefully remove the globe or glass shade from the light fixture
  • With the first step done, unscrew the fixtures securing nuts then lower the fixture then by twisting action remove the wires from the plastic connectors at the wire’s ends

Box removal and cutting of a new hole

  • Remove the electrical box from your ceiling as below:
  • Use a flat bar to pry it off if it is nailed to a joist
  • Take off a metal plate to unscrew the box then pry the bar from the joists if your electrical box is suspended
  • Trace a half inch thick pancake box centered on a joist held on the ceiling
  • Use a drywall saw to cut along the line 

New electrical box attachment

  • Pass the electrical cable from the ceiling via the holes in the pancake box. However, ensure a cable connector is attached to the holes.
  • Set the box into the cut hole on the ceiling and press it tightly against the joist’s underside
  • Attach the box to the joist using two one-and-a-half-inch No. 10 hex head screws by driving them in using a driver or drill with a 5/16-inch nut drive tip
  • Wrap the bare copper wires of the cable around the grounding screw in the box, allowing the wire to hang.

Gluing of the ceiling medallion

  • Apply an appropriate amount of urethane-based glue on the end of the ceiling medallion then pass the wires through it
  • Position the medallion on the pancake box then press. Fasten it using four 6d nails (see here) driven into the joists then set the nail heads and use spackle or caulk to fill

Mounting the ceiling plate

  • Pull the wires through the center hole on the pancake box from the fans metal ceiling plate held up to the pancake box.
  • Attach the ceiling plate using two one and a half inch long 10-32 machine screws to the box

Assembling the fans components

  • Follow the user manual that comes with your fan for proper non-warrant voiding fan installation or consult professionals at Mr. Glow electricals for assistance.

Make wire connections

  • With the fans assemble complete, hook one canopy side on to the ceiling plate 
  • Join the two green wires to the copper wire from the cable using twist on wire connectors. You might want to consult an electrician at this point if your wiring is different.
  • Join the two white wires
  • Connect the two black wires also
  • Swing the fan into position and use the canopy screws to fasten it

Blades and light attachment

  • Attach the fan blades to the blade irons and fasten using screws
  • Plug the fan’s light fixture housing to the wires from the fan’s motor underside
  • Install the shades and lightbulbs
  • Screw the remote’s plastic holder to the wall near the switch



If you go through the above steps diligently, the installation of your fan should be easy after which, you will need only maintain it. However, if you encounter difficulties or, if you are unsure, contact a professional such as from Mr. Glow electricals for guidance.