Microphones are very universally available these days, with almost every smart gadget including one. When it comes to recording, though, studio-quality microphones are still required for the finest results. We’ve seen the greatest microphone brands come and go throughout the years and a lot of them are awesome. All of these brands have been around for decades or are offshoots of other well-known businesses. All of them provide timeless models that have stayed largely unaltered since their introduction. Furthermore, you can check out various mic boom arm if you are planning on buying a microphone. Nevertheless, there are popular brands of microphones.


Royer has managed to mix the characteristic warmth of old ribbon mics with current output levels, making it the perfect ribbon mic brand. While the quality of previous ribbon microphones was excellent, the ribbons were fragile and easily broken. Royer Labs made it possible to have ribbon microphones that are still powerful enough to be used in front of electric guitar amps, which some previous ribbons couldn’t handle.


Sennheiser is still a family-owned firm and one of the most well-known microphone manufacturers today. The e835, one of Sennheiser’s famed e800 line of portable vocal microphones, is the most popular. This mic is frequently likened to the ubiquitous Shure SM58 as one of the top industry standards for live performance. It also works well in the studio and can be used to a wide range of instruments other than voices. The MD421 is another excellent microphone in their arsenal. It is most certainly Sennheiser’s best-selling microphone of all time, and it has long been considered one of the industry’s top standards.


Shure began as a seller of radio components and kits in 1925, and has since evolved into a consumer and professional audio-electronics maker of microphones, and other products. Listening equipment, such as headphones and personal monitor systems, are also produced by the firm. The SM57, SM58, and SM7 are three of the most widely used dynamic microphones in history, created by this business. Every professional studio in the world has a few SM57s, and they, together with their brother the SM58, are the most widely used microphones ever. This mic’s biggest attribute, apart from its sound, is its durability. You can abuse it badly and it will almost never break.


Matsushita was struck by the good impact made by people gathering to hear vinyl records played on high-quality audio equipment. He was, however, irritated by the fact that high-fidelity listening was beyond reach for most people. Matsushita took issues into his own hands and started Audio-Technica in 1962 with the goal of making high-quality audio accessible to the general public. In the company’s modest apartment in Shinjuku, Tokyo, he built the AT-1, the first really inexpensive phono cartridge. By 2021, Audio-Technica has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in microphones, headphones, and other audio equipment, with a wide range of products to suit every price and application.