Packaging has become a huge part of our lives, even though we barely realize it. Packaging is everywhere, covering everything. Each of us plays an important role in how that package over-use is going to play out for the environment in the long run. Are we going to let non-natural materials disrupt the environmental balance? There is an alternative – sustainable packaging. 


Keep on reading to learn more about the perks of choosing sustainable packaging options for your business and products.

What’s the problem with conventional packaging?

Product preservation and damage protection are the main purposes of packaging. Yet, in recent years, packaging has also become a matter of convenience. With that in mind, the use of packaging has grown rapidly, and so have environmental concerns.


Unlike sustainable packaging, conventional packaging is non-renewable, usually made of plastic. More specifically, polyethylene. It is used to make liquid containers, wraps, bottles, flexible films, bags, etc. 


But the real problem is, that most of the plastic packaging is not recyclable and could pollute the environment and the oceans for hundreds of years, according to NPR. The breakdown of materials in conventional packaging is a big environmental concern. The process is extremely harmful since it releases harmful substances and microplastics that disrupt the natural ecosystem. 


And while some plastic packaging products are recyclable, the truth is most of the plastic waste from packaging is not being recycled. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is the alternative that could change things for the better. 

5 benefits of sustainable packaging for your brand

1. It’s good for the environment

Unlike plastic and polystyrene, sustainable packaging materials are biodegradable and way better for the environment. If disposed of, eco-friendly materials break down in a matter of months, while plastics could pollute the environment for hundreds of years to come.


Another great benefit of sustainable packaging is that its materials could be recycled and reused. At the same time, most plastics used in packaging are not recyclable. When we talk about sustainable packaging solutions, the environmental advantages are undeniable compared to conventional plastic packaging.

2. It increases customer loyalty

One of the distinguished traits of modern-day customers is their interest in all-natural products and materials. For that reason, if your brand is sustainable or working towards sustainability with eco packaging, that would naturally increase customer loyalty to your company.


The best way to inspire customer loyalty is to communicate your sustainability mission through your packaging. Use renewable materials, display information on how to reuse and recycle it, and convey what impact choosing your product has on the environment.

3. It can save you money

Most people believe sustainable solutions are expensive. And while to some extent they are right, that could not be farther from the truth when it comes to packaging. 


In fact, sustainable packaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your products and make a great first impression on customers.


When you adopt environmentally-responsible packaging, for the same price you get way more high-quality materials compared to packaging alternatives like plastic. Sustainable packaging also reduces logistics costs and lowers your overall expenses.


That is because sustainable packaging options like paper and cardboard are lightweight so you pay less for transportation costs and you can use the supplies for long periods of time.

4. It will improve the image of your brand

There is a huge demand on the market for sustainable products. Thus, more and more brands start investing in eco-friendly packaging to keep up with the trend. As a result, environmentally-aware businesses get more praise and recognition.


Establishing your brand as an eco-friendly business will vastly improve your reputation and the way people perceive your company and products. Naturally, more clients would be drawn to your brand and your sales are going to increase.

5. It helps you expand your customer base

Sustainability is key to success in the modern-day market. As eco-packaging trends get more and more attention and interactions from clients, environmentally-responsible businesses start to work towards adopting these sustainable practices.


Eventually, that leads to massive growth in the customer base, as people start to spend their money with environmental benefits in mind.

Preferred sustainable packaging solutions

The concept behind sustainable packaging is simple. Choose packaging materials that are recyclable and biodegradable and use fewer chemicals to customize your packaging design. 


Here is a list of the best sustainable packaging solutions:


  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Compostable packaging
  • Natural-based ink


Paper and cardboard are the most popular sustainable packaging solutions. Since they are made of renewable materials, it is extremely easy to produce and recycle them for packaging purposes. Cardboard is used to make package filler and boxes, while paper is a great supply for wrapping paper and small container packaging.


Compostable packaging‍ has also become quite a hit in recent years. Some of the top compostable materials used for production are sugarcane is cornstarch (more info). What is special about this type of sustainable packaging is it is biodegradable and safe for disposal. 


Soy-based inks are another sustainable packaging trend that deserves attention. Because even if you already embraced eco-friendly materials, you still need to do a custom print to tailor your packaging. So instead of going for a petroleum-based ink that could make your packaging unrecyclable, businesses could benefit from a renewable source ink, like soy.