If you need privacy in your cryptocurrency transactions, choose Monero. It is highly secure and confidential. Others will not be able to track your transactions. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t have a transparent blockchain. This is a great choice for all fans of privacy, secrecy, and anonymity. Manage your wallet Monero with Guarda non-custodial cryptocurrency storage for even more security of your transactions.

Monero: The Most Mysterious Cryptocurrency in the World


Since Monero was initiated as a private decentralized network, it enjoys all the benefits of covert transactions:

  • the wallet address is hidden
  • the amount of transactions remains unseen
  • the name of your partner is concealed as well

Even the names of the majority of Monero developers are still hidden. In order to secure their transactions, traders can even choose a “one-time” wallet. After one single payment, it just ceases to exist. As a result, the connection between the wallets of partners will be covered.

Main Principles of Guarda Cryptocurrency Services


Guarda is an outstanding ecosystem of cryptocurrency-related services. It fully shares the guiding ideas of blockchain. That is why the decentralization of its software is one of the Guarda goals. It means that:

  • Your digital Monero wallet will be served with complete security. 
  • You don’t need to register and create accounts to start trading Monero. 
  • Just download Guarda software and get an online Monero wallet for free. 
  • None of your personal data and any other information related to transactions will be stored on the company’s servers. Only you will have access to your personal storage. 

The choice of investing in Monero will be a great option for those who value their privacy and don’t want to uncover their personal assets. This preference must be supplemented with the right decision in relation to the cryptocurrency services provider that will supplement your desire to stay hidden. Get your Monero wallet at Guarda to be sure that all your plans will be protected by the highest possible level of security.