You might have seen many photo collages shared on different social media platforms. You might have liked many of them for being crafted uniquely. But you never knew that making collage nowadays is one of the best ways of marketing products or services. And the best thing about this is, it works. A collage can show or demonstrate a lot of things using multiple images, and each image in it defines a different aspect of your business.


Using advertisements to promote your brand is necessary for every business. Advertisement making is easy owing to the availability of multiple tools. But to make your advertisement effective, you need to be unique and creative. Promotion using collage is one such new method of marketing you can use. You might have created many collages in your lifetime, but to make them the best, so they act as the best marketing tool for your business, you need to follow the right strategy. However, you can use online video collage makers to make the best collages for your business. But how to use them for promotion is what you will learn in this article. 


This article will provide various tips that help you promote your products using collage photos in the best and most effective ways.


How to promote your products with collage photos?


Promotion is effective when done in the right way. Follow the tips shared below to know how you can promote your products and services using the photo collages:


  • Perfect Background


It is suggested to use the white-coloured background, though it may seem dull. To grab the audiences’ attention on the right thing, you have to remove the distracting details. So keeping the background white will make the audience focus on the photos on collage. It also makes the collage look seamless. Several video collage-making software is available online that lets you do this with ease. Using the video collage maker, you need to put a little effort and get your work done at a low cost. You just have to find the one that is easy to use.


  • Layout with Multiple Applications


Video collage-making software offers distinct style layouts that you can choose for your social media pages. Simply go for a theme and start adding images to make the video collage. For example, you can create a collage with images showing different services you offer or different products you sell. You can select a theme based on the holidays or the seasons. For example, if you have a business related to gifts, you can choose the related themes during valentine’s week and use photos of different offerings you have for the occasion. It will let your customers know that they can use the services you offer and connect with your business.


  • Add Graphic Elements


Pictures in the collage maker are enough, but if you are using the video collage maker online, you should use different graphic elements available. Also, look for the other interesting features the software offers. You can experiment with different font styles, colours, and sizes. Try using different filters, blur levels, and backgrounds in the video collage-making software to make the collage look more elegant. You can play with these graphic elements and see which looks best in your scenario. The various design objects consist of geometric shapes and lines with other illustrations. You can add these elements matching the theme you have selected for your collage.


  • Choose the right template


The video collage maker software offers thousands of templates. You can select the one that matches your purpose of making the collage. Using the templates, you need not create the collage from scratch. Just pick the collage and start inserting images using the drag and drop feature. Another good part of using these ready-made templates is that you can customise them according to your choice and requirement. Make sure that the collage you make seems unique and relates to your brand or the kind of products your business is offering.

Some design tips to create the best product collage


Once you are done making a collage, it is time to make it visually appealing using the features available in video collage-making software. Below are some design tips to make your collage more attractive.

  • Make sure the images and the colour tone compliments each other. For example, if you are selling women’s outfits, use the tones highlighting the outfits.
  • You can choose any template or layout according to your requirements. Usually, the vertical layout works best to make images in collage look better.
  • The text should be used cautiously. This is because the collage already contains so many images explaining different things. So adding text sometimes may look overwhelming.
  • Put together the images of your products and go for different camera angles, products, and backgrounds to make the collage captivating. For example, if you want to present a particular product like a chair, you must put the pictures together taken from different angles and with different backgrounds.




Today, as the competition is increasing, new and innovative marketing methods are being developed. Video collage making is one such idea that is very effective as a marketing video. With each collage that you create for your business, doors of opportunities open, thus promoting your brand. Video collage is not only about collating images but styling them so that they are enough to convince your future customers. We hope the tips shared in this article will help you use collage photos to promote your business in the best possible way. In addition to these tips, you can also download and use the video collage-making software to give that professional look. InVideo is one such software worth trying for making collages.