Taking care of your eyelash extensions during the summer is very important. You’re dealing with UV lights, lots of sun exposure and plenty of things that might end up damaging your look. Taking care of your eyelash extensions is very important, and that’s why we thought we’d provide some tips, with help from eyelash technician training experts rmlashandbeauty.com, in order to help you do this. Many of these you will not have heard about before!

Sunscreen is Not Good for your Eyelash Extensions

Sure, sunscreen is great for protecting the skin, and you need to use sunscreen during the summer to prevent burning. But the reality of it for your eyelash extensions is that sunscreen will end up exposing your lashes to unwanted oils. This is why it is so important to avoid your eyes when you apply sunscreen, and that will help you look after your lashes.

Clean Your Eyelash Extensions Often

Ideally, you want to clean the eyelashes properly on a regular basis. Allow water to pass through the lashes, or you can use an eyelash extension cleanser that assists with this cleaning process as well. Both of these are viable options, so you can choose the cleaning method that is right for you.

Stay Away from Heat

Dealing with extreme heat when you have eyelash extensions can be a challenge. You want to ensure that you protect the lashes as much as you can. Saunas, bonfires or any major heat sources can be a problem, so avoid these if you can.

Protect the Eyelash Extensions from Sweat

Sweat is bad for your eyelash extensions since it can damage them quite a lot. Having a towel with you and making sure that you use it whenever you sweat will help solve the issue. It might not seem like a lot at first, but it’s definitely going to help!

Swimming is Possible, But with Caveats

After you swim, you will want to rinse the eyelash extensions with some freshwater, and then you must comb them with an eyelash wand after doing this. Simply pat them with a towel to remove the extra water and that’s it!

Using these tips and tricks to take care of your eyelash extensions is very important. It will take a bit of practice to look after them, but it is well worth doing in the long run.