It took me a long time to establish a fitness routine that worked for me. Aside from my busy schedule, heavy workload, and trying to balance work, sleep, social life, and fitness, it seemed impossible to do it all. If you live in New York or have a busy life, then you probably can relate. I realized that I needed to prioritize my health a little bit more, and create balance based on my priorities. I also learned how to manage my time, and even used some extra assistance, to fine tune my fitness goals through some sophisticated medical body enhancement treatments. Here are a few things that helped me stay on track and find a sustainable fitness routine to reach my fitness goals.

I started small

I knew that going to the gym five days a week was not going to happen, but I also knew that a little bit was better than nothing. I started with 3 gym visits a week, and each visit only lasted 20 minutes. I know this sounds like nothing, but this is what got me into a consistent routine that I was later able to build on. Eventually I added more time and more days to successfully create a workout schedule that worked for me. I made sure I looked the part by investing in some stylish gymwear and a pair of altra running shoes.

I woke up early

I was never the type of person to wake up before I had to. In fact, I was the person who hit the snooze button a few too many times. Because I knew that I’d be tired after work, I forced myself to wake up an hour early, which, at the beginning, was definitely rough. But again, the more you do it, the easier it gets, and now I love my morning time. Working out in the morning is also a great way to start the day without having the lingering thought of having to drag yourself to the gym later.

I allowed myself to indulge

Instead of restricting myself to a strict diet, I allowed myself to take weekends to go out with friends, go out for dinners, and drink alcohol from time to time. This was more sustainable for me because I knew that there was no way my life could just be work and fitness.

I used modern technological tools to help me on the side

Though fitness was my priority, I did (and still do) use a few extra modern technological tools available to me. EmSculpt is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that essentially contracts your muscles for you using electromagnetic muscle stimulation. Clinical studies have shown that EmSculpt strengthens core muscles primarily, but also induces subcutaneous fat destruction secondarily.  It only takes 30 minutes for one session and really helped me add more definition to my abs, as my main areas of focus at the gym were lower and upper body workouts. The procedure is minimally invasive and super safe so I had no problem with it at all.

I just went

I can’t stress this enough. There were countless times and always will be, when I do not want to go to the gym. Instead of giving in, just go! Even if you show up and only stay for ten minutes to stretch, at least you went and didn’t break your consistency. This is the most important thing to do if you want to reach your goals and maintain your routine. We all get tired and that’s okay! Don’t be so hard on yourself, but don’t give up on everything you’ve been working towards because hard work (and the effort alone) really do pay off.