Looking to launch a website quickly and efficiently but don’t have much programming experience? A website builder can help!

Website builders have become all the rage in recent years. These platforms give users templates to jumpstart their designs and intuitive control panels to help them through the process of customizing their site. This provides an easy way for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the premium services of one of the best website designers in the world or who don’t have the time to search and hire a way to create a site and reach their audiences.

Top 4 Website Builders in 2021

When looking into website builders, you’ll find that four platforms tend to be the most popular:


If website building were a popularity contest, Wix would win. You’ve likely heard of this service, which has taken the world by storm with its simple website-building tactics and intuitive design features. With a wide variety of templates, the platform is suitable for brands in almost any industry, from artists and digital shopfronts to restaurants. 

Wix is best suited for portfolios, landing pages, business card sites, and other similar projects. It does have some capabilities for blogging and e-commerce, but it’s somewhat limited compared to its competitors. 

Wix’s most outstanding achievement is making coding accessible to those who’ve never programmed, allowing you to set the behavior of elements based on given conditions using the same premises of HTML but without any of the headache of actual coding. This is great for beginners, but web development gurus can also breathe a sigh of relief at how simple the interface is and how quickly it allows a site to be put together.

Feeling uninspired or not up to the task of designing everything yourself? Wix also boasts an impressive AI feature that will build a site for you using artificial intelligence and given data.


WordPress is a tried-and-true, classic website builder that makes coding easy. The platform has a wide variety of capabilities and is suitable for almost any industry. Individuals, organizations, and more giant corporations alike can create anything from simple landing pages to portfolios, blogs, e-commerce shops, corporate websites, and more with WordPress. And best of all, it’s free!

Since WordPress is one of the most popular website builders and has been around for some time, there are thousands of templates and plugins in the platform’s library, creating nearly unlimited customization options. If you’re experienced with coding, you can use this to your advantage and easily pop over into WordPress’s code editor to make things even more personalized or add more advanced plugins to your setup.


SITE123 is a modern visual editor that’s ideal for beginners. You can create a blog, online store, business page, or various other types of sites with this builder. 

The platform makes it easy to customize any of the sixteen available layouts, whether a single page or multiple pages, giving you the ability to alter your headers and footers, logos, backgrounds, color scheme, fonts, and more. SITE123 also offers a plethora of plugins for additional features and capabilities, such as tracking analytics, marketing purposes, SEO, or other functionalities.  


With hundreds of ready-made adaptive templates, Weblium is a beautiful and efficient site to start building a website. If you have a knack for website building or want something fully customized, you can even create your own! 

Once you choose your starting point, Weblium makes it easy to switch up the different sections and customize any of the thirty-four elements to your liking. By altering and tweaking each of these segments, you can put together the puzzle pieces of your site into something that’s personalized to your needs and audience. And, best of all, you can do it all in less than a day!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to create a website with a tight budget or timeframe, choosing any of the four website builders above will be an excellent choice for launching your website, whether you’re an experienced designer or have never even given website building a second glance. But which of the four builders you choose will depend on the specific features and capabilities you’re looking for, what type of site you’re aiming to build, and how much customization and assistance you may need during the process.