A descriptive essay is a distinct essay in which the writer is asked to describe something—an object, a person, a place, an experience, an emotion, a situation, etc.

Compared to other essays, a descriptive essay is thought to be the simplest (source). This is because writing this writing style does not entail articulating one’s point of view or constructing a sophisticated reasoning system, says Wikihow.

Purpose of Descriptive Essay

The main goal of descriptive essay writing is to create a mental picture by describing a person, location, or thing in the reader’s mind. This frequently leads to the reader experiencing the emotion or circumstance portrayed. This also occurs when we listen to good narrations.

Using the Five Senses

When appropriate, good descriptive writing incorporates vivid sensory details that form a picture and appeal to the reader’s senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. A descriptive essay can also depict the sensations a person, location, or item evokes in the writer.

Take this paragraph,

‘I could hear the subtle lapping of the water as it met the sand as the waves gently crashed with the coast.’ The scent of salt air and a warm afternoon drifted across the sky. I awoke slowly from my nap, nestled in a hammock that encircled me like a cocoon. The warm sun brilliantly beat my face and said, ‘Good day.’

The reader is taken on a sensory adventure in the preceding paragraph. They can picture themselves on the beach, breathing in the salty air and listening to the waves breaking on the shore. This is the true goal of a descriptive essay: to transport your senses on a journey.

Features of Descriptive Essay

Figurative Language

Good descriptive writing frequently uses figurative language such as analogies, similes, and metaphors to construct an image in the reader’s mind. Likewise, metaphors, similes, adjectives, adverbs, and other things, contribute to the subject’s character profile. This sketch explains how the writer felt about the issue and aids him in visualizing it.

Organized Structure

A descriptive essay must have a well-structured framework. The chronology, physical placement, and order are also crucial considerations. When writing a descriptive essay, it is possible to become engrossed in an incoherent jumble of feelings and senses. However, suppose the reader is to leave the essay with a clear understanding of what you are seeking to express. In that case, you must strive to offer an orderly and logical description. 

Precise Language

Descriptive writing uses specific terminology. Your essay’s impact is influenced by the words you used in it. The language used should underline the essay’s principal idea and goal. As a result, avoid using confusing or vague language. Instead, use descriptive adjectives and nouns and decisive action verbs to bring the picture you’re creating to live in the reader’s imagination. https://grademiners.com/ offers assignment writing services that put all discussed above into total consideration.

Writing a descriptive essay

– Preparing to write a descriptive essay

The process of selecting a topic and establishing and studying literature should come before writing a descriptive essay. If you were assigned a broad theme, it should be narrowed; otherwise, you will be unable to stay under a limited word count while also revealing the issue qualitatively. If you are given a topic to discuss, such as “African culture,” the culture is too vast for you to catch all of the subtleties. Instead, choose a subject unique to African culture yet is not too wide to cover. “The Bantu People of Kenya: Their Unique Culture and Practices” is one example.

After deciding on an engaging topic, set aside enough time to locate and study material. Your objective is not to find and rewrite material but to hunt for fascinating data from various sources. You will require electronic and paper journals, reference books, news, legal, and other sites that provide up-to-date information. 

– The Main Essay

Begin with an introduction. The introduction is the first part of a descriptive essay. It should be valuable, entertaining, and catchy — anything that will pique the reader’s interest and entice them to read more of your writing.

Following the introduction, you must write a brief paragraph describing the topic of the essay. For example, if you are to write about the Bantu people of Kenya, you must include a brief history of them.

Your thesis follows this, and it is the bulk of your effort. It should express the essay’s core idea, which you will prove in the subsequent sections. The proofs of the previously described thesis must be included in the significant body of the descriptive essay, and the easiest way to get this done is for you to use fundamental concepts.

The conclusion comes after your primary essay. It should return to the thesis given in the beginning and show it from a new perspective. You are looking for professional writing service companies. Grade miners got you covered.