The coming summer is the time of sun, fresh air, and open balconies. And, of course, clean windows. For those who are going to clean windows, we have prepared step-by-step instructions, tips, and life hacks for perfect glass cleanliness.

1.  Wash your windows on a cloudy day

Do not forget the first rule: it is better to wash windows on a cloudy day, and there are several reasons for this. The first is that in the sun, the glass cleaner dries too quickly and leaves stains. The second — because of the bright sunlight, you will not be able to objectively assess the purity of the glass. And finally, the sun is blinding — and you can simply lose your balance. Besides, according to window cleaning Spokane WA, washing windows requires the absence of not only the sun but also the absence of wind. Otherwise, all the work done will go down the drain.

2.  Choose the optimal product

Of course, you can stop at a good glass cleaner, but vinegar with water is not worse at all. On the contrary, after it, there are fewer streaks. A simple recipe: mix vinegar with warm water in a ratio of 1:8, add 10 drops of lemon essential oil if desired, and pour into a spray bottle. There will be a smell, of course, but it will fade very quickly. Forbes has a few additional bits of advice here on the products to use.

3.  Change direction to avoid streaks

It is best to move in different directions: wipe the glass from top to bottom on one side, and from side to side on the other. If you see dirty streaks, it will immediately be clear from which side they originated and where to wipe again. Finally, dry the glass with a clean, dry microfiber or cotton cloth. And you can also use the proven method — wipe the windows with a crumpled newspaper, which perfectly eliminates streaks and gives the glass a shine. The newspaper can also be replaced with paper towels or coffee filters.

4.  A rubber scraper will replace a cloth

It is much more comfortable than cloth. If the window is very dirty, the first time the glass can be wiped with a cloth, and then apply the product from the sprayer and clean it with a scraper.

5.  A melamine sponge will clean stains on white plastic

It is best for removing dirty, stubborn stains from plastic frames. After it, the frames will be clean and white, like new. Just do not use it immediately on large surfaces, the sponges wear out quickly, and one may not be enough for you. It is better to wash off the main dirt with a cloth, and the rest — with a melamine sponge.

6.  Scraper with a blade for stains of paint and stickers

If you have a glass-ceramic stove at home, you know that it needs to be cleaned with an iron scraper. It is it that will help you remove old dried paint from glass, fuel oil stains, or factory stickers from double-glazed windows, even if they are firmly stuck to the glass. Find additional tips here from Yahoo.