It is a common demand to write essays for students. When they write their academic papers, they may face all kinds of impediments. One of them is the length of an essay. What do we mean? Many students find it hard to add as many words as it is required. Thus, even a 500-word essay may become a serious problem and a student may not be able to add 100 words or so.

This is a serious issue because such an essay is considered to be incomplete. Why does it happen? Many students simply do not know what to write about, especially if the topic is boring. They start to add the so-called “watery” or “junk” sentences without little sense or relation to the topic of their essay.

To cope with this serious issue, many of them use the help of a credible online writing website called Do My Essay. It has certified writers who can help with the content you need to fill in. It will be informative, readable, original, and interesting to read. Of course, you can try to make your essay longer on your own. Read this informative guide to learn how to do that.

Be Sure You Have Included Everything

Firstly, check the notes you made when you researched your topic. Oftentimes, students forget to add some of them. Obligatorily review all the notes. If you have omitted some of them, you have more materials to fill in the gaps.

Write Short Paragraphs

Secondly, do not run for too long paragraphs, says NCL. A long paragraph commonly involves several points that are briefly reviewed (source). Choose a different tactic. Cover one point per paragraph in more detail. Such paragraphs will be short, but you will have more space to work with and so you will be able to write more words according to the topic.

Define the Terms

Thirdly, write definitions of some terms. This smart tip is commonly omitted by many students. If you have nothing else to add about your topic, check all the terms you have in your essay and write short definitions. If you write about technology, you can add the definitions of the following terms:

  1. Technology;
  2. Application;
  3. Invention;
  4. Device, etc.

Everything that suits your topic can be described in that way.

Use Your Handouts

Be sure to check your class handouts. They may contain facts, which are related to the topic you try to cover. Read them attentively, and maybe you’ll be lucky to find something useful.

Ask Your Friends for Help

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This proverb may work perfectly for you if you have reliable and clever friends. When you lack ideas to fill in the content, ask your friends. They may add a prompt or two for your topic.

Make a Deeper Research

At times, students don’t get enough data for their topics. As a result, they have no “fuel” to make the story longer. You should conduct deeper research to find something more and thus extend your essay.

Add Examples in All Paragraphs

Smart students always add examples when they write their essays. If you insert an example, you surely extend the length of the text. Every example may involve more points to dwell upon. Of course, you should not over-explain. Nonetheless, examples help to write descriptions and explanations that use a lot of words that are also related to the main question of your essay.

Use Bullet Lists

Another tip is to add bullet lists. This tip, however, cannot be applied to all essays. Your teachers and professors may not allow adding bullet lists. In case you get the permission, be sure to add as many as you can. Such lists are quite easy to form according to the argument you want to express in a certain part of the text.

For example, you write about the pros and cons of technology in education. You will have 2 lists with great ideas that make your essay longer. If you write about the pros, you can add:

  • Access to all sorts of data;
  • Instant access;
  • Boosted speed;
  • Improved collaboration;
  • More convenience;
  • A possibility to fulfill a lot of functions, etc.

A list of disadvantages may include:

  • Addiction to technology;
  • Potential problems with mental and physical health;
  • Social isolation;
  • A too big dependence on technology, etc.

Once you get these lists, you also get new ideas to cover. Use the ideas you have generated for your lists to make your essay longer. Thus, you will be able to reach the required word count, and it will be related to your topic.

Avoid Watery Sentences

You should be attentive to the content you add. You are to edit your essay at least twice to detect all possible drawbacks. One of them is the importance of your sentences. Perhaps some of them have little or no relation to the topic. It’ll be considered weak argumentation, and you’ll lose a lot of essential grades.

Use Professional Help

At times, students have little data to dwell upon. If you really cannot write more, use the help of at least one custom writing service. It surely has several hundreds of experts with huge experience. They know how to write interesting texts, which are long enough and focus on the issues of the selected topic. The quality will surely be very high.

The cost of professional help is commonly affordable for students. One of its influencers is the length of the order. Perhaps you miss only 150 words. Accordingly, you won’t have to pay for the entire essay and so will save up a lot of money.

Summing Up

The volume of an essay is among typical problems faced by many students. Perhaps the topic is boring, or the essay is too long (1000 words and longer). At any rate, students have no right to submit an incomplete paper. By using our smart tips, you will be able to complete even very long essays without much effort.