You enjoy watching movies. It is your comfort place after an exhausting week of academic activities. So when your professor gave you an assignment to analyze a movie, you thought to yourself, ‘easy peasy.’ 

But as you have discovered, it is not as easy as you thought. Watching a movie to entertain yourself is watching to write an essay about it. No one truly enjoys, but this hasn’t stopped the from being good at it. The fact that you have to analyze it takes away the fun off watching. You aren’t watching the action or drama. 

You are looking at the movie as a whole when you want to analyze it. The camera angles, lighting, visual aspect, plot, musical score, directing and acting. As you can see, there are numerous things you have to think about when you want to write. Even so, what if we told you that analyzing isn’t as hard. At least, with the tips, we are about to give you here. 

How to Write a Film Analysis Essay Correctly

Watch the Film At Least Twice. 

If the film is something you haven’t watched before, watch it at least twice, says Reddit. The first time allows you to enjoy the movie, and the second time to begin analysis. The third time is to enable you to capture what you have previously missed. When you are watching the second time, take notes; if you watch the third time, check your notes and add more if possible. 

Your notes serve as an outline for you, and It is through your notes that you can have a writing plan. If you like, you can begin to think about how you expand with your notes or outline. 

For instance, you can think about the color, visual aspects, the acting, musical score, dialogue, soundtracks and timing. You can approach it from different angles, but this wouldn’t be possible without your notes. 


Now, The Introduction

You have your notes, and you have your ideas on what to look at during your analysis. So, what you want to do next is to introduce the reader to the object of your analysis, the film. So how do you do this? You start small and give the reader some tidbits about the film. You can mention the director’s name and the usual theme of their works. 

Take Guillermo del Toro and his use of dark fantasy to explore themes like trauma and morality. Also, this filmmaker has his go-to color schemes. The reader knows what to expect with some information about the usual way the filmmaker makes their film. 

Also, provide the film’s title, when it was released, and target audience. Talk about the movie’s themes and tour point of view throughout the film. Lastly, from your notes, fashion out an exciting thesis statement that will drive your analysis. 


Talk About Film Briefly

Your reader now knows very few details about the film. Now, give them more by analyzing the film. The reader already has a thematic angle of the film. Now, summarize the film in a way that will show how the themes relate to the film. Provide key details about the film. The best way to do this is to assume that your reader hasn’t interacted with the film before. 

So tell your reader about the 

  • Who
  • What 
  • Where 
  • When 
  • Why
  • How 


To show you have genuinely interfaced with the movie, drop your insights and use events in the film to support it. 


Analyze to Your Heart’s Content

To do this, you must identify certain aspects of filmmaking and critically analyze these elements. You must do this due to how complex a movie could be and to prevent your analysis from being wayward. By identifying these filmmaking aspects, your analysis becomes guided and precise. So what are these aspects you should focus on;


The Scenes 

A movie has a plot, and the scenes express the plot. Through the scenes, you learn about each character’s journey in a movie. So, with the plot in mind, analyze the scenes and shows how logically the script is written. You can let the reader know if the scenes are great or bland. 


The Direction. 

Here, focus if the director’s vision aligns with the script and how the director guided the actors to execute each scene. 



The actors bring the script and plot to life. Analyze the actor’s performances to see if they understood the character they played and the themes in the film. 



Music plays an essential role in a movie as it helps with mood and heightens certain moments in the film. 



Talk about the special effect, make-up and costumes. 



Conclude by restating your thesis statement and summarizing your essay.  


Final words. 

You can write your movie analysis essay without problems. Just follow these tips and you are good to go.