It is finally the weekend and we are sure you can’t wait to tuck in bed and watch your favorite movies while sipping soda and munching on nachos. All the rebellious and ‘too cool for school’ teens might already be out partying and having the time of their lives but that does not make you boring. 

You are an introvert and love doing fun things from the comfort of your home and what’s better than making a list of all the movies that you have been waiting to watch all week, ordering nachos, and watching the intense, exciting movies that keep you glued to your laptop screen. 

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Now that you have a trustworthy provider and access to a wide range of channels, let us make your day even better by enlisting some of the most entertaining movies of all time. So keep your notepads ready and start taking notes, the real fun is about to begin. 

  • Aquamarine

This movie should definitely be on your watch list if you love cheesy, friendship stories. The movie narrates the story of two best friends, Claire and Hailey who plan on spending the last few days of summer together. They want to spend as much time together as possible because Hailey has to leave for Australia for her mom’s work commitments. 

The two best buddies plan a fun-filled slumber party where Hailey prays to the god of the ocean for a surprise and you won’t believe what happens next. An intense storm breaks out within minutes. While stuck in the deadly storm, both Claire and Hailey find a beautiful mermaid called Aquamarine lying on the beach. The three of them become friends and Aquamarine tells the girls that she wants their help. 

  • Point Break

Point break is a movie that most girls enjoy watching. We are saying this because the movie revolves around handsome boys who set off to make you experience the suspense that can force you to dive into your blankets. It also is filled with humorous scenes that make you laugh out loud. 

  • The breakfast club

This film is perfect for Friday night sleepovers because it not only is entertaining and fun to watch, but it also highlights a very strong message that if understood by our society would prove to be very beneficial. 

What is the message you ask? Understanding each other’s personalities and accepting them for who they are is very important and this movie discusses this message in a very beautiful way.   

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love

We can all agree that a good dose of Ryan Gosling is necessary for any sleepover to be successful. In “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” he plays Jacob, one of his most endearing characters. The premise is more intricate than your average “boy meets girl” tale, and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are seen to have fantastic chemistry in this movie. 

This film depicts several different love tales, from young puppy love to the more serious divorce of a long-term marriage. Hence, this 2011 masterpiece has genuinely something for everyone.

  • Scream

Not every movie about sleepovers has to be a charming romance or comedy. To get your adrenaline racing during an all-nighter, you might occasionally desire something a little spookier. Jump scares abound in the slasher classic “Scream,” which also makes many witty allusions to other horror movies. 

Additionally, all of your favorite actors from the 1990s are present, and it’s fun to see them make poor choices that invariably result in their doom. Pull the blankets up to your eyes, close the blinds, and get ready to scream like a little girl.

  • Legally Blonde

Elle Woods has everything. Nothing would make her happier than to become Mrs. Warner Huntington III. She is too blonde, though, which is what keeps him from popping the question. Elle gathers all of her resources and enrolls at Harvard intending to bring him back.

  • The Princess Bride

This movie narrates a fantastical story about a lovely young lady and her true love. After a protracted absence, the love of her life must locate her and save her. To be reunited with one another, they must overcome the perils of Florin, a legendary realm. 

  • 13 Going on 30

This 2004 romantic comedy borrows a concept from “Big,” a coming-of-age fantasy. Jennifer Garner plays a young girl who transforms into a woman overnight. 

If you are 13, 30, or somewhere in between, you will be able to identify with the lead actor in this movie. The film is playful, endearing, and nostalgic, making it a great choice to enjoy with your ladies. Additionally, you will love this movie if you enjoy a good “Thriller” dance scene. 

  • Mean Girls

Parents who were scientists sent their teenage daughter Cady Heron to a school in Africa. When her family relocates to the suburbs of Illinois, Cady finally has the opportunity to attend public school and learns the harsh, unspoken rules of popularity that group her fellow kids into close-knit cliques. 

She unknowingly gains the favor of a group of popular teenagers known as “the Plastics,” but Cady soon learns how her shallow new pals decide to ruin her personality.

Wrapping up

We have enlisted all the exciting movies in this article that will keep you glued to your laptop or TV screens. So invite all your besties over and start having the time of your life.