Violence permeates many forms of media, including music, video games, and movies. The incentive system is one aspect that sets video games apart from other violent media.

Children who play video games are more likely to harass and cyberbully their friends, according to ResearchGate. So, does media violence cause violent behavior essay? Unfortunately, numerous studies did not account for variables influencing children’s propensity, such as family history and mental health.

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems Essay? Pro Refutations

Playing video games regularly has been linked to increased, long-term aggressive behavior (source). Do violent video games cause behavior problems argumentative essay? Because they are so realistic, imitating violent acts improves learning of such habits.

Here are the main pro arguments for playing violent video games:

  1. Increases hostility, bullying, and fighting
  2. Simulating violence can lead to real-life aggressive conduct
  3. Many mass shooters were fans of violent video games.
  4. Violence in games makes gamers less sensitive to it in the real world.
  5. Children are more prone to emulate the actions
  6. Playing is associated with a reduction in compassion and empathy
  7. Fighting-based games encourage players to battle by paying them with more life force, stronger weaponry, access to higher levels, and other benefits

Video games are good teaching tools from a psychological standpoint because they reward players for participating in specific sorts of behavior. Unfortunately, violence is prevalent in many popular video games.

Do Violent Games Cause Behavior Problems Essay? Con Refutations

Violent video games serve as an easy scapegoat for individuals who prefer to avoid dealing with the root causes of violence. Do violent video games cause violent behavior argumentative essay? Furthermore, gun violence is less common in places where video games are popular.

Here are the main con arguments for playing violent video games:

  1. Hostility, not violence, may be the result of it
  2. The argument that violent video games contribute to mass shootings and other forms of violence is unsupported
  3. As violent video game sales have soared, violent adolescent crime rates have fallen
  4. Studies have demonstrated a beneficial relationship between playing violent video games and civic and helpful activities
  5. Playing violent video games might make people feel guilty, which boosts prosocial behavior in the real world
  6. Players understand the distinction between acceptable behavior in the real and virtual world
  7. Games allow youngsters to develop moral compasses

Video games are not among the many organizational behavior essay factors linked to teenage violence. For example, parental abuse, poverty, and mental health issues were all risk factors for teenage violence, but video games were not on the list.

Wrapping Up

Violent video games have been blamed for a behavior essay for students to copy. These games reward players for mimicking violence and teach that using violent behavior essay is acceptable. Additionally, aggressiveness may result from any competitive video game or activity.

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