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Your wedding day ought to be as perfect as possible, but when you take the event outside, it can be harder to keep everything under control. 

Here are some tipi layout ideas that can help you make the most of your space, and give you some inspiration for your big day, with help from Origami Marquees.

When you arrange a tipi hire, modular tents can be rearranged as needed, with layouts and even the sizes of the tents altered. This makes the tipi a great option for people who want their dream event to go ahead just as they planned.

A Bar, a Dance Floor, and a Meal

The tent for this layout has been designed to have lots of free indoor space for a dancefloor. It also features a double frontage design that makes it feel really roomy – perfect for a large gathering where you are trying to impress your guests. 

The dance floor is set up in the middle for this layout, and the bar is placed at the back, filled with lounge furniture. There are several different bar designs to choose from as well, including circular or conventional broad bars. 

The Business Hospitality Layout

You could try this layout which really accentuates the great outdoor view. The tent is able to be brought higher or lower based on what you would like. Lifting the sides can open up the breath-taking vistas all around you. When the event becomes too big to be contained in a single tent, the overflow can move outside, and you can have benches and tables set up outside of the tent to accommodate your guests and whatever activities you want to do. 

If you opt for the five-tent business event layout, you can have seating for up to 210 people. Lounges and bars can be set up to provide spacious social areas for your guests. 

Three Tent Layout

If you want to make the most of your party venue, then this tipi layout might be for you. It is comprised of three tents that are placed together, so that you get lots of indoor floor space. You can use that for dancing, or for other activities that put a lot of people together at once. 

The tipi layout can incorporate lounge seats as well as several bars, and the expansive layout of the three tents makes for lots of space and endless party event opportunities.