When you work in marketing, you know that one of the hardest parts is to get customers to understand easily why they should buy your products or services. Today, online, there are a variety of ways that a company can use for visibility purposes. But one that is rising quickly, is to use an explainer video service. Here is what it is all about.

Animations to attract and simplify

Adults and child alike have a fascination for cartoon characters and animations. If ever they pass by such a video, on their social media accounts, or elsewhere on line, they will stop on it for at least a few seconds. It has that “I made you look” effect on people. That is the first reason why companies are starting to use them more often in their promotional videos. But there is another facet to this, which is that they make it easier to understand what the company sells. This new marketing is called explainer video service, and it is being brought up to companies by Pigeon Studio, based in Poland. 

When you draw an explanation, you can use different images to make it easy for viewers to understand what it is all about. You can also go into details, by enlarging elements that you could not do, if you were shooting a video in the real world. For example, if you want to show the inside of a door lock, you simply won’t be able to do so with a regular camera. But if you use animation, you can actually see the key slotting in, and how it works inside. This is the power of animation.

Cartoon Characters help People identify to Them

For a company, it can be difficult to choose a spokesperson. This is especially true in today’s world, where consumers tend to overanalyze such choices and think that there is an underlying message to everything, says Entrepreneur. When a business is represented by a cartoon, it reduces the importance of race and gender, which makes it easier for all potential customers to identify to it. Some companies will even prefer to have a robot, an animal or a fantasy character to speak to its clients, reducing the danger of being judged for their choice.

The second thing that a cartoon character adds to video tutorials for companies, is that it can create a continuity, basically forever. Actors playing in videos will eventually grow older. If the company chose them because they were at a particular age, this could be a problem, five years down the road. They will have to change the person for a new one, which could cause disassociation of the viewers with the new person representing the character. With a cartoon, the company can keep it as it is forever, retouching the style to make it more to the liking of society, every now and then, so that it doesn’t lose its appeal in the long run.

Explainer video service will certainly gain a lot of customers in the years to come, as it simplifies the process of explaining how things work to customers. But its other qualities will make sure that the service lasts through time.