Ever wondered how gaming studios and designers produce slot games and video poker? It’s a little more intricate than you might imagine. While many games have gotten simpler over the years thanks to the mobile gaming boom, there is still an immense amount of effort and insight that goes into bringing the best titles to life.

Whether you are a regular player of casino games – and visit great sites such as Ufa800.co – or are completely new to the online gaming scene – there are plenty of interesting nuggets to learn about. Here’s a quick look at how casino games are developed behind the scenes!

It’s all about random numbers

To keep casino and slot games completely fair, random number generation is a key concept in their development. There is certainly no skill involved with the vast majority of titles.

While this doesn’t mean you will win a jackpot prize every five minutes, it should mean that the most reputable games out there are likely to give you a balance.

Research and concept

It may seem as though slot games are developed with random ideas and concepts, but there is actually a long period of market research and development that goes into each unique concept. There is a reason you will see certain themes become very popular or prevalent over time. For example, you will see that there are quite a few games themed around Greek Gods or Ancient Egypt.

A whole creative team gets behind designing online casino games. That includes designers, musicians, artists and programmers. They all have to work together to create a fully operational game that doesn’t just deliver on basic expectations, but is actually fun to play. That means a lot of play testing!

The actual programming

Programming casino games has changed a lot over the years, though in many cases, it may have actually gotten simpler. The web has moved away from the clunkiness of Flash technology and is now rooted in HTML5, which means that web experiences in general should now be smoother and more efficient. For those playing online casino games, this means that they won’t have to wait long periods for games to load!

Developing casino games via HTML5, while smoother than older standards, still involves rigorous testing and time management. Programmers have to work with visual assets and raw code to ensure that every facet of the title they are working on is easy to launch and effortlessly fun from play to play. That’s going to take more than a few weeks to iron out.

There’s also the factor of variance, or volatility. The higher the variance in a game, the more likely it is to give bigger prizes – but at fewer opportunities. Some games are developed to be lower in volatility, thus giving more prizes in smaller sizes.

As you can see, designing and developing online casino games is more than just an afternoon’s work. While many gamers may spend their time learning about the best hands in poker, it also pays to learn more about how it all works behind the scenes, too!