TikTok isn’t just for engaging dances, lip-syncs, or challenges. It’s a useful tool for professional designers and amateurs alike to break down ideas into short videos that are super easy to digest. You’ll find an interesting mix of DIY, pretty aesthetics, and home renovation tips. TikTok is a great place to find inspiration and establish your personal style before you commit to making any changes. If you want to make your home look TikTok-worthy, save time and energy by trying these popular décor hacks. 

  1. Use Fresh Flowers Anywhere (And Everywhere) 

There’s one home accent that will never lose its appeal – flowers. You can put flowers in any room, whether it’s the living room or the bathroom, because they’re very versatile. The blooms, faux or real, will instantly lift the interior. It’s recommended to purchase mature plants instead of seeds unless you have a lot of patience to wait for them to flower. Examples of flowers that even beginners can keep alive are: 

  • Pink Anthurium
  • Bromeliad
  • Cyclamen
  • Polka Dot Plant
  • Orchid

Flowers will breathe life into your property and make it feel more like a home. Certain plant varieties improve air quality and release a subtle scent, acting as natural fresheners. Put the finishing touch on your bouquet with a handmade bow. Clearance ribbon is the new bling, so get your supplies ready and make your own floral bow. If you can make a loop, you can make a seriously stunning bow.  

  1. Create Your Own Custom Wall Art 

Well-thought-of pieces of art pull the space together and make it look complete. Indeed, the decorations don’t impact your routine life directly, but they resonate deep down in your subconscious mind. Wall art can get expensive, so why don’t you allow your creativity to shine? It might sound intimidating, but making paintings, mosaics, and silhouettes isn’t that difficult. Actually, projects can be completed over the weekend. For instance, you can use masking tape to create an abstract painting. Generate a random design on a canvas, use tape to make V-shaped waves, and remove the tape for a spectacular result.  

  1. Shop Vintage 

When it comes down to home décor, some things are timeless. Regardless of what style you go for, the right vintage piece can transform your interior – it has warmth, charm, and patina. A lot of the same décor is used across TikTok accounts, so if you want to avoid repetition, give second-hand shopping a try. No modern design is capable of stealing the special place that vintage items hold, so you can be unique in a world where everyone follows the crowd in every context. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind if you want to add a vintage look to your home’s style: 

  • Create texture by layering fabrics. While shopping for a rug, keep in mind that faded colours and frayed edges add character. You can decorate with vintage blankets – hang a blanket from the back of a lounge chair or lay it at the end of the bed. Tea towels and tablespoons have fun patterns and add a glamorous feel. 
  • Pay attention to flooring. Tile is the most popular retro look at present. 
  • Bring retro vibes into the kitchen. Look for linoleum, try time-honoured colours like mustard yellow, and display canisters, crockery, or glassware. Also, consider changing your cabinet hardware to a more traditional style (it’s time-consuming, but the end result is unique). Lastly, add a printed curtain to enhance the homely aesthetic. 
  • Incorporate mirrors. Vintage mirrors are commonly made of glass coated with chrome, silver, or gold. 
  • Bring in a turntable. If you’re a music lover, get the most out of your experience with a turntable.  

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist accommodate well-priced vintage décor accessories, so you can snatch a deal. 

  1. Spruce Up the Walls with Limewash Paint

A fresh coat of paint provides immediate results, so life can be made better by changing your home’s paint colour. Limewash is off-white, but colour is achieved by adding natural, alkali-resistant pigments. In situations where the colours compete with one another, meaning one is slightly warm and the other is slightly cool, use a colour like Nube Gray. Limewash paint can be used both indoors and outdoors and works by sinking into the surface; it hardens by absorbing CO2 (source) from the atmosphere. It’s best applied to porous surfaces, such as stone, plaster, or brick. Mix your own limewash using chalk-based paint and water to achieve the look populating social media feeds. 

  1. Install Hexagon Shelves 

Shelving keeps items from lying around in piles, not to mention they bring personality to your home. Your property isn’t a static place, which means it changes as you add new family members, with additional belongings. The beauty of shelves is that you can easily switch up their look whenever you want. Hexagon shelves fill the cavities nicely on the walls, so you can create an exhibition. It might seem like a bald look, but you can’t go wrong with this choice. With a few books and a vase, you get a cool visual effect, so you’ll be proud to showcase your home on TikTok

The hexagon shelves can be hung above a sofa or a desk – they’re the perfect size to fill a large empty wall. You can group several shelves together to obtain a honeycomb effect; once you’re happy with the layout, mark the locations for the bracelets, and install the hexagon shelves. Here’s an idea: place small plants inside the shelves or jars of dried flowers. If you want to add several plants, ensure they’re similar in size and shape so that charisma flows naturally. Showcase everything from plants to books and memorabilia. 

Wrapping It Up 

You want your home to look good, but in the age of TikTok, good has a different meaning. It’s not about following the trends but about following your own creative urges. Save all of this inspiration for later.