If the quality of your life has been impacted by a broken or deteriorating hip then there is still hope. Instead of confining yourself to home, you can undergo hip replacement surgery that will not only remove your painful joint condition but will also fully restore movement to your legs and hips once again.

Kardiolita hip replacement can change your life, whether you’re a teenager or middle aged person suffering an injury, or a senior who is suffering from worn out ligaments and joints that will never heal on their own. If you’re getting frustrated with your painful hip condition then it can help to know that there is a surgical solution in Ireland.

What Is Hip Replacement Surgery?

The official medical term is “hip arthroplasty”. The term is as you expect, one or both hip bones are replaced with an artificial one. The main goal is to cure any painful condition you are experiencing, as well as to restore full mobility to your hips again. If you have been stuck at home watching TV all day and are missing your normal daily activities such as walking, jogging, playing sports, or generally enjoying life, Kardiolita hip replacement surgery may be the right option for you!

Is Hip Replacement an Instant Fix?

No, as much as we enjoy our science fiction TV shows, hip replacement surgery involves a long process from properly diagnosing your condition, to booking you in for your hip replacement surgery, and to a long time frame of healing where you must rest and do physiotherapy. But our surgeons here at Kardiolita Hospital in Ireland are here to guide you through all the steps necessary, so we can make the process as pain-free and comfortable as possible. It may seem a bit daunting, but we promise it will be worth it in the future, as you’ll be pain-free and able to resume your normal daily activities once again.

What Else Can I Do In Lieu of Surgery?

Most of the patients who book an appointment with us have done so because they have exhausted all other options. But generally, a cane or walker can assist you with walking across the room, or for going for a walk outside. Medication and anti-inflammatories may be prescribed. If your sore damaged hips are from an injury, time may be all that’s required to heal them. A physician may recommend weight loss for you. Physical therapy may also be recommended. If you haven’t already talked to your local physician, do that first. Most of our patients have already exhausted all other options, and may be on a long waiting list to get hip replacement surgery at their local hospital. Booking at Kardiolita can expedite the process.

What Conditions Can Hip Replacement Cure?

In addition to an unexpected injury that breaks or damages the hip bone and joints, there are a wide range of health conditions that can cause hip trouble too. Arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis can lead to loss of movement and pain. Neoplasms, avascular necrosis (more details), and femoroacetabular impingement syndrome can also lead to problems. There may also be a few other less-common conditions that can affect your hips too. Only a physician can properly diagnose your condition.

How Do I Know I Might Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

Not everyone has suffered from a broken hip from a fall or a sports-related injury. Your hip joints may deteriorate as you age, says AAOS. There are some warning signs that your hip(s) are deteriorating faster than they’re healing. The first sign is pain in the hip region, or nearby. You may only feel this pain when you are walking or jogging, or only when seated, or lying down. If you feel hip pain when you place weight on your leg, that can be another indication that something is amiss. If you have difficulties in moving your hips or walking, and feel stiffness or tightness in that region, it can indicate hip issues. You may have difficulties in doing normal activities and have to compensate in some way, or have a family member assist you. You may also have difficulties in getting to sleep at night. All of these symptoms indicate that something is wrong, and it’s time to book an appointment with your local physician, who may recommend hip replacement surgery over the next year or so.

Can I Just Get a Hip Replacement Now?

If your injury or health condition has occurred over the past few months then no, it’s important to wait and see if your hip pain and immobility resolves by following your doctor’s treatment plan. Hip replacement surgery is done when all other treatment avenues have been exhausted. Your local doctor may have recommended that you try various things to help your injured or painful hip to heal. If you are still suffering from hip pain after one year, it may be time for a consultation with Kardiolita Hospital for hip replacement surgery. There are risks with any type of surgery. Hip replacement may need to be done again in the future. And you should also know that you can still have a consultation even if you haven’t 100% decided that you want hip replacement surgery done.

What Types of Hip Replacement Surgery Are There?

Just like your hip condition is unique to you, the hip replacement surgery needs to be able to correct your particular issue too. The two main types of hip replacement surgery are called “total hip replacement” and “partial hip replacement”. Total hip replacement is the most common surgery done on this region and involves replacing the acetabulum and the femoral head with an artificial prosthesis. In the partial type of surgery only the femoral head is replaced. Most patients only need hip replacement surgery on one side, but it’s possible you may need it done on both. You won’t know which you need until you have your consultation done with a Kardiolita surgeon.

Who Is Kardiolita?

Kardiolita is in reference to a hospital in Lithuania that first found a solution to the growing numbers of patients desperate for hip replacement, but who also have been neglected by their country’s healthcare system, resulting in months, or even years suffering from pain and immobility. The solution has been to visit a Kardiolita private hospital to get the care and surgery that you need today. Yes, there are fees involved, but you can use these as deductions on your income tax return, as well as being able to make claims through your employer’s health insurance plan. Our goal is to provide hip replacement surgery to our clients at Kardiolita Hospital in locations in Europe, including Ireland, so that they can experience normal life once again.

If you’re tired of suffering from pain in one or both hips, or you have been stuck at home too long, please reach out to us here at Kardiolita. We can answer any questions you may have prior to booking your first consultation appointment with us. We really want everyone suffering from debilitating hip pain or immobility to have access to quick but effective hip replacement surgery!