There is immense waste in the fashion industry. With always-changing styles and cheaply made pieces, fashion has become a wasteful industry. In fact, there are 92 million tonnes of apparel dumped into landfills every year. 

Instead of contributing to this problem, a more conscientious consumer can make different decisions to help decrease waste. This can be done by investing in timeless pieces that are high quality and still fashionable. 

Developing a Wardrobe Capsule

One of the best ways to create less waste is to establish a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is an assortment of clothing that coordinates with each other, resulting in a plethora of outfits, options, and variability. 

Some individuals suggest that you only need 37 key pieces per season. You should also resist the urge to buy more pieces throughout the season. Instead, make a plan each season. Assess your current wardrobe and which clothing items can act as transition pieces. Next, determine whether or not new purchases should be made that would add to your wardrobe in a meaningful way. 

When developing a wardrobe capsule, it is important to focus on a couple of base colors that can then be interchanged with different neutrals, timeless prints, and a couple of accent pieces. 

Additionally, because you are buying less clothing for your capsule, you should view your clothing as more of an investment that will last several years instead of being thrown out with the next fashion season. As such, spending a bit more money on these key pieces is perfectly acceptable. 

Key Wardrobe Investment Pieces

Remember, when investing in your clothing, assess if it has fashion sustainability. This means that the style, fabric, and cut are not too trendy, but more of a classic look that has been found in fashion throughout changing fashion seasons. Also, remember that these investment pieces are not just clothing but accessories as well.

Some of these key fashion investment pieces include:

Pump Heels

These shoes are an essential component of any wardrobe. Either to dress up a more casual outfit, accent your business attire, or accompany the perfect dress, a high-quality pair of pumps is the ideal versatile heel.

Leather Belt

Either to accent your pants or cinch in a shirt or dress to create more shape, a well-made slim leather belt is a great accent piece for any wardrobe capsule. 


A blazer is a perfect piece for business and casual attire alike. It can be dressed down with jeans and white tennis shoes, or thrown over a dress to slay in the boardroom. 

Timeless Jewelry

Timeless and classic jewelry is simple and can be worn with any outfit. It adds the perfect touch of shimmer without being ostentatious. 

Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket from will last a lifetime. They have great fashion staying power and make a beautiful addition to any capsule wardrobe. 

White Blouse

A white blouse pairs well for any occasion; it can be layered over and under different clothing, or tucked into a nice trouser or pair of jeans. Like all of these classic pieces, it is versatile and timeless.

Black Dress

The little black dress can be perfect for a night out, perhaps comfortable enough to dress down for a casual lunch with friends, and if you pair a blazer with it can be a great outfit for the office. The black dress is one of the work horses of your closet. 

Classic Jean (Pants and Jacket)

Jeans were invented during California’s 1850s gold rush, according to PBS. They were long associated with workwear, but have been a fashionable wardrobe investment since the 1960s, and won’t be going out of style any time soon. 


You can play a key part in helping to reduce waste in our society. Subsequently, reducing your own clothing waste can help you develop your own personal sense of style, making you a classic fashionista.