Are you in the market for a new pair of shoes for work, school, play, or some special occasion?


If you’ve ever bought shoes in a brick-and-mortar store or on an online marketplace, you know that focusing solely on aesthetics isn’t the right way to find a suitable pair of shoes. You want shoes that look great with your outfits but must cover all the bases to avoid buyer’s remorse.


Keep reading to learn about five things to mull over before buying the right footwear for your feet.


  1. Get the Right Fit


One of the worst things you can do when looking for footwear is to choose a pair that doesn’t fit properly (see why here). That might seem obvious, but many people wear great-looking shoes that aren’t all that comfortable. Don’t let stellar aesthetics or heavy discounts compel you to buy shoes that aren’t comfortable. Even if you save a bundle, you’ll pay for it later.


If your shoes are too tight, the consequences can be structural issues like hammer toe, bone spurs, toe deformity, or reduced stability. It’s not worth the hassle, so get shoes that fit correctly.


The shoes you buy should fit so comfortably on your feet that they feel as if they were tailor-made for you. If you go to a shoe store specializing in footwear, ask one of the salespersons to help you find something that properly fits your feet. And if you like to buy your footwear online, ensure the online retailer offers a way to get shoes that fit your feet well.


  1. Be Mindful of Heel Height


Another thing to keep in mind is heel height. It’s usually best to avoid buying shoes with heels over two inches. Shoes that are flat or have heel heights of no more than one inch are best. Just keep in mind that excessively high heels will create a lot of pressure on your forefoot. 


  1. Get Shoes With Adequate Tread


You also need to consider the tread on the shoes you buy. Assess the soles to ensure they have enough tread to lower your risks of falls, slips, and trips. You’ll also want to ensure they offer shock-absorbent properties so that they’re comfortable and stable — to safeguard your joints. 


If you’re shoe-shopping in a physical store, try on any footwear that you fancy and walk around the store in the footwear to ensure that the tread offers what you’re looking for.


  1. Look Inside the Shoes


When considering which shoes to buy, focus on the inside rather than just the outside. Are there raised seams in the shoes that may make wearing them uncomfortable over time? You might not even notice the seams at first. But if there are raised seams and you wear the shoes for hours on end, you’ll notice them eventually. The seams might make wearing the shoes unbearable or at least uncomfortable. 


  1. Consider What They’ll Be Used for


You’ll want to consider the purpose of the shoes you want. If you enjoy sports, find comfortable shoes that’ll support your feet and help you to perform at the highest level possible. If you want stylish shoes with a classic appeal such as those from, you’ll want to look for a style that resonates with you. Also, look at the material, the patterns, and the features that make for a comfortable pair of shoes. 


These are some things to consider when you want to buy footwear. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between style and function — you can have both. It starts with finding something that correctly fits your feet. Take your time, set your budget, and get the right footwear for you.