Aside from the occasional feelings of fatigue and boredom, if you notice that your employees are becoming increasingly dissatisfied in their jobs and when they are at work, you should not be complacent about creating positive action. Here is what you can do if you believe that your employees are unproductive and are at risk of leaving their jobs for better offers. 

  • Listen to Them

The number one step you should take when your employees are dissatisfied is to give them a platform to share their thoughts and opinions on their workplace. However, it is no good simply setting this platform up. Instead, it is even more important that you listen to what your employees have to say and that you are patient and respectful when it comes to their thoughts. You should also try to open up discussions to improve your workplace. You might also try to help your employees to express their ideas when it comes to improving your company as a whole. To do this, you should host departmental meetings, ask what your employees think, and encourage collaboration. This can make your staff feel valued within your business. 

  • Install Employee Benefits Software 

You should also consider installing employee benefits software. This program can be important if you are struggling to provide your employees with meaningful benefits, such as health and dental insurance, retirement plans, and therapy schemes for those who experience stress and mental health problems. These benefits should be easy to access, and all the necessary information about them should be made available from the very moment that the individuals in question join your company. This will ensure that they have the chance to make use of these benefits. By doing this, you will be helping them to become model employees and enjoy working for your company. 

  • Say Thank You 

You should also make sure that you often show gratitude to your staff, says BusinessNewsDaily. You should not expect them to recognize you are grateful for their hard work unless you clarify this. As well as verbally thanking them, you should also consider planning holiday and summer parties during which all your employees can have fun and let off steam after a difficult season for your company. You might even give them a pay rise, bonus, or promotion. 

  • Praise Them

When your employees are dissatisfied, you should also praise them as much as possible (source). For instance, you should call them in for their annual meetings and congratulate them. By praising individuals, rather than only talking to them when you are unhappy with their work, you will ensure that they feel encouraged and work hard always to produce top-quality work. 

  • Create New Policies 

You should also consider creating new policies for your employees. For instance, you should develop a stern policy on bullying, sexual harassment, and other negative experiences that could occur within your workplace, and you should check that you are compliant when it comes to your policies on dismissing your employees. Having firm policies in place allows employees to better understand what is expected from them and what they should expect from you.