What’s better than a funny YouTube clip? A whole bunch of funny clips mashed together!

As a video maker, I’m always looking for ways to keep my viewers entertained. And nothing grabs people’s attention like a perfectly put together “Try Not To Laugh” or “Oddly Satisfying” compilation video.

But collecting and editing all those clips used to take up a load of time. I’d be sat at my computer for hours just trying to download parts of YouTube videos. It was a right laughable mess!

That was until I found SliceTube – the video tool that’s made downloading parts of YouTube clips an absolute breeze. I’m not even kidding!

Finding the Best Bits (This is the hardest!)

The first step to any top compilation is finding the best bits to include. I start by browsing my favourite channels and playlists for comedy skits, memorable vlogs, epic wins/fails, and random slice of life moments.

When I see a good scene, SliceTube makes it dead simple to grab the perfect reaction shot, punchline, or money clip. Just set the start and end times, download, and boom – viral snippet ready for my video.

SliceTube’s browser bit saves me heaps of time here. I can send videos straight to the web app rather than rummaging through YouTube. This lets me quickly gather a pile of possible clips as I search.

Putting It All Together

Once I’ve got all my slices collected, it’s time for the fun part – arranging them in the perfect order. The right flow and pacing is what takes a compilation from good to great.

Being able to easily rearrange videos to find the best story flow saves me from editing headaches. And SliceTube’s ability to trim videos down to seconds makes precision editing so goddamn easy. I can tweak the timing of each moment down to frames until the humour hits just right.

Adding Some Polish

To give my videos that professional feel, I’ll often add some subtle zoom effects, audio stings, or quick whip pans between clips.

I use various tools that has handy built-in filters and transitions that make these finishing touches really simple to do. And I can still easily adjust and move clips even after adding effects.

Sharing My Creations (and waiting for the YouTube algorithm magic!)

The final step is using SliceTube’s exporter to render everything into a shareable MP4 ready for YouTube. Just a few clicks and my viral masterpiece is complete! Then it’s time to grab some popcorn and watch the views come rolling in.

SliceTube has hands down become my secret weapon for making binge-worthy compilation videos. Having all the tools in one place helps me work quicker and smarter as a video maker.

What topics should I turn into my next compilation? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear your video ideas!

And here’s a fun challenge for you – some of the most popular compiled funny clips on the internet were actually made by me! See if you can guess which viral compilations I created. I’ve left some sneaky clues in this article, so have a read back for hints and then comment your guesses. The first person to figure it out wins bragging rights! Hahah!