Did you know most deaths resulting from large-truck collisions are occupants of other vehicles?

That’s likely no surprise. After all, if a large commercial truck carrying cargo collides with a passenger car, it goes without saying that the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle will bear the brunt of the physical and emotional damage and trauma.

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Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, knowing what contributes to truck accidents in the first place can help you reduce the odds of being a victim. 

Here’s a look at three of the most common causes of truck accidents and how to avoid them.

  1. Bind Spots

Blind spots are a significant cause of truck accidents on highways and roadways. If you drive a vehicle with large windows that offer good visibility, there are some blind spots to be aware of. But that’s all the more the case for trucks — they have many more blind spots than a car. 

A commercial truck’s sheer size means that drivers have a lot of blind spots to contend with. The challenges are compounded when factoring into the equation the other vehicles on the road. Because truck mirrors aren’t adequate to see every square inch of a 16- or 18-wheeler, truck drivers don’t have the greatest visibility of vehicles traveling behind them or on the passenger side of their trucks. So, you must be mindful of these blind spots and travel carefully.

Don’t tailgate other vehicles on the road. It’s bad enough if you tailgate a car, van, or SUV. But it’s more dangerous if tailgating a commercial truck. You don’t want to be so close to a truck’s bumper that it looks like it’s towing your vehicle. Similarly, you don’t want to stay in a truck’s blindspot — like on the passenger side — for any length of time. You can reduce the risks of accidents if you’re mindful of a truck’s blind spots and stay clear of them.

  1. Driver Mistakes

Another common cause of truck accidents is driver error. And unfortunately, some things about the job can increase instances of driver error. For instance, driver fatigue can be a significant factor. If drivers work long hours without adequate breaks, fatigue can occur and compromise performance. And that can contribute to driver error and truck accidents. 

Distracting driving can also play a substantial role. It’s not just people driving passenger cars who talk or text on their smartphones, fix their hair, or stare at everything except the roadway ahead. Driver error can also result if drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or drive aggressively, says aaa.com. Any of these issues can lead to costly mistakes that lead to accidents.

  1. Equipment Failure

Yet another major cause of truck accidents is vehicle or equipment failure. You’ve probably heard horror stories about truck tires that have broken free of axles and smashed through windshields of passenger vehicles on the highway. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for vehicle or equipment failure to cause accidents. Brakes can fail, inappropriately attached trailers can separate from the truck, and overloaded trucks can compromise maneuverability.

These are some things that can contribute to truck accidents. The good news is the situation isn’t hopeless since there are things truck drivers and other motorists can do to make roads safer.

On the one hand, truck drivers need to be more mindful of other vehicles on the road and drive with caution. On the other hand, passenger vehicle drivers need to be careful when sharing the road with truck drivers and reduce the odds of accidents.