Internet Marketing 

Internet marketing hinges on digital trends and knowing your target audience. Both points require constant research and optimization. This is where special tools come to the marketer’s aid, solving the company’s problems with minimal time and effort. But there are thousands of them, so finding the right solution on the first attempt isn’t easy.

To achieve high results in marketing, you can avoid hiring marketers and pay for professional services or tools. It’s important to understand how you can use free software options as an example of email marketing.

Tasks Solved by Internet Marketing

The main objective of Internet marketing is to attract and retain customers in a business. Also, this method is used to solve several other tasks:

  • Increase brand awareness. Many customers care about brand awareness. Digital marketing helps build the necessary associative series so that when a person needs a product or service, he remembers a particular brand and is able to distinguish one manufacturer from another. 
  • Attract traffic. Internet marketing helps companies interact more with customers and attract them to their online venues. To do this, they use Internet marketing tools—email newsletters, SEO, SMM, targeted and contextual advertising—and offline advertising: SMS mailings, digital displays, and interactive screens.
  • Generate leads. Lead generation allows you to collect the contact details of leads – email and phone number – to communicate with them in the future, encourage them to buy, increase their loyalty to the brand, and turn them into regular customers. Generating leads in digital marketing can be done with the help of chat rooms on the site, pop-ups, emails, forms on the site, contextual and targeted advertising, and guest posts in partner blogs.

As you can see, Internet marketing solves the same issues as traditional marketing but uses digital technologies as the main channel of interaction with customers. At the same time, there are many of them. First, all CA interaction channels are divided into online and offline.

Why You Should Use Tools in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a broad term that includes various methods to promote products (goods or services) online. The main difference from the traditional way of promoting is the use of digital channels only. This approach allows marketers to choose tools and analyze the company’s performance. It allows them to select the most effective promotion strategy.

Small businesses need to utilize the entire available arsenal to compete with the bottomless marketing budgets of many large corporations. Utilizing the digital marketing tools mentioned below can increase your market share and make you more visible on social media.

Internet Marketing Tools for Analytics

Marketing without analytics is like playing soccer in total darkness. Analyzing metrics and indicators is needed to improve promotion campaigns, save marketing budgets, extract profits, and find insights.

  • Feedspy. The service allows you to download and analyze posts for any period and sort publications by likes, comments, and reposts. Thus, you can get information about what is in demand among the audience and attract customers. Feedspy helps analyze the effectiveness of posts on any social network.
  • Calltouch. A system of end-to-end analytics, call tracking, and advertising management. Provides data on the effectiveness of advertising channels, campaigns, and keywords, accounting for all appeals – calls, online applications, chats, automatic scoring, and evaluation of the tone of telephone appeals. A conversion funnel, from ad impressions to sales and ROI, is available.

Internet Marketing Tools for B2B 

Interactions between legal entities are aimed at solving business issues. Client companies are digitally marketing-oriented and expect mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, B2B marketing tools are specific and do extensive work.

  • HubSpot. A platform for automating marketing, sales, and content management work.
  • Act-On. A customizable platform with a straightforward interface. Designed to optimize the cycle of customer interaction and product promotion.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing remains on the scene: users spend time reading emails, while social newsletters don’t get as much attention. Point action tools optimize a digital marketer’s work with correspondence. Their task is to automate mailings and manage reactions. SaaS for email marketing provides letter templates, contact management, and reporting.

  • Constant Contact. The tool has existed for a long time and is trusted by users. Its range of functions is not limited to automated mailings.
  • Moosend. A tool for creating a mailing list, automating tasks, and personalizing emails.

It’s easier to imagine email marketing with an investment. Want to save time and money on email marketing? Check out 12 Free Newsletter Services to learn about their functionality and benefits.

Advantages of These Methods of Promotion

Internet marketing, as a method of promotion, has already proven its effectiveness. Today, it is widely used in the e-commerce segment. Moreover, several advantages favorably distinguish it from the traditional approach:

  • Measurability. Digital channels are easy to track, for example, clicks and transitions to the site, time and depth of browsing by visitors, and many other data, based on which a conclusion is made about the effectiveness of a particular tool. The information is collected automatically and presented in a convenient form for analysis.
  • Speed. Digital tools allow us to instantly cover thousands of users in different parts of the world, collect and analyze vast amounts of information about users’ reactions, and quickly adjust the promotion strategy based on the data obtained.
  • Versatility. The flexibility of settings allows you to create campaigns that interact exclusively with your target audience, excluding uninterested users and irrelevant displays. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of promotion.

However, it is worth noting that to provide the expected result in Internet marketing, it is essential to entrust the work of its setup and maintenance to professionals. It will only turn into a powerful tool for business promotion in skilled hands.