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Mila Kunis Goes To Marine Corp Ball With Sergeant Scott Who Asked Her Out In Viral Video

Remember when Sergent Scott Waren asked Mila Kunis out to the Marine Corp Ball back in July? Since then, her answer has wavered back


Epic Dance Contest At Marine Corps Ball

This entertaining dance video was posted by Gabriel Garcia over a year ago, but has only gone viral now just in time


Marine Asks Betty White To Ball

Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis follows the lead of his fellow marines and decides to ask a celebrity out to the


Marine Asks Out Justin Timberlake

After the U.S. Sergeant who asked out Mila Kunis online went viral, Corporal Kelsey De Santis figured she ought to give


Marine In Afghanistan Asks Mila Kunis To Ball

Serving in Afghanistan is tough. It's hot, and there's sand everywhere. Also, there's people trying to kill you. Many service


William And Mary College Senior Asks Out Jeremy Lin To Senior Formal

Ever since Sergent Scott Waren asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corp Ball, it has become a small trend to ask


Soldier Asks Jason Aldean To Sing At Her Wedding

There has been a recent fad online of marines asking celebrities to the Marine Corp Ball. Well, this soldier doesn't need


High School Senior Asks Kate Upton Out To Prom

Asking out big time celebrities has become somewhat of a thing online. Hopeful singles have gone viral asking out NBA