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korean hanbok being worn

The South Korean Hanbok: Still Stylish After All This Time

When it comes to iconic fashion pieces, very few items compare to the elegance and timeless beauty of the South…

woman who is stress free lifting her arms

Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Genius Gadgets always prove ideas and unique plans to make effective things and to make an easy life. There are…

The Fascinating World of Online Entertainment

From the very first computer to today, there has been a massive surge in just how powerful the internet can…

time tracking of your employees

Six Ways Online Time Clock Software is Helping Businesses Stay Profitable

People survived for years with manual time clocks, punching in and out each day. With the proliferation of computers, many…

lady with an injured back from training

4 Tips For Injury Recovery

We’ve all been there. Hit it a little bit too hard at the gym, ran a few too many miles…

woman running in the woods

Can I Exercise Safely While Fasting?

While intermittent fasting seemed as though it was a health fad and a quick way to cut calories, there is…

balancing the budget

Starting a Business on a Budget

Starting a new business, whether large or small, may seem daunting, but over the last few years, it has become…

making your resume stand out

Resume Tips to Help you Stand Out to Hiring Managers

We all know how stressful applying for any job can be, but if that job happens to be your dream…

man doing a pushup during a workout

Watching Zane Watson Train

[caption id="attachment_297558" align="aligncenter" width="619"] Zane Watson after 4 months of guidance from John Cardillo[/caption] Zane Watson is one of my…

high intensity work out

Hi-Intensity Cardio (HIT3) for Better Results

Introduction: Do you ever wonder why sprinters have more muscle than marathoners? Why does doing quick bursts like sprinting on…

Top 5 New Trends for Essay Writing in 2020

Students everywhere, at one point or the other in their course, will have to write an essay. When you consider…

Woman using American Sign Language

Hiring the Best ASL Interpreter or Spanish Translator

How are they Qualified? If you’re not sure of the difference between an interpreter vs a translator or qualified vs…


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