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lady with an injured back from training

4 Tips For Injury Recovery

We’ve all been there. Hit it a little bit too hard at the gym, ran a few too many miles

woman running in the woods

Can I Exercise Safely While Fasting?

While intermittent fasting seemed as though it was a health fad and a quick way to cut calories, there is

balancing the budget

Starting a Business on a Budget

Starting a new business, whether large or small, may seem daunting, but over the last few years, it has become

making your resume stand out

Resume Tips to Help you Stand Out to Hiring Managers

We all know how stressful applying for any job can be, but if that job happens to be your dream

man doing a pushup during a workout

Watching Zane Watson Train

[caption id="attachment_297558" align="aligncenter" width="619"] Zane Watson after 4 months of guidance from John Cardillo[/caption] Zane Watson is one of my

high intensity work out

Hi-Intensity Cardio (HIT3) for Better Results

Introduction: Do you ever wonder why sprinters have more muscle than marathoners? Why does doing quick bursts like sprinting on


Top 5 New Trends for Essay Writing in 2020

Students everywhere, at one point or the other in their course, will have to write an essay. When you consider

Woman using American Sign Language

Hiring the Best ASL Interpreter or Spanish Translator

How are they Qualified? If you’re not sure of the difference between an interpreter vs a translator or qualified vs


How Can Video Content Boost Your Site?

Are you thinking of introducing video content to your website? It might just be one of the best decisions you

music can help with many aspects of your life

Benefits of Listening to Music

The music has to power to change the mode and make you happy. May be some people are not satisfied


How Social Media Is Evolving in the UK

It is undeniably true that social media has largely influenced the way people live, interact, and share. It has completely

what are social media proxies

Social Media Proxies – What You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to manage all your social media accounts without breaking a sweat? You