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This Party Is Lit

When you literally got everything mixed up.

Sick Tomato Sorting Skills

Sorting tomatoes has never been easier with this little bugger of a machine.

The Park Life

At what time do you arrive at the park?

How Men Use Drone’s

The Sun Is Just Another Lightbulb

How many construction workers does it take to replace a lightbulb?

I’m The Boss Around Here

Hi, sorry, but uhhh, you're in my bag. WHAM.

Those Long Legs

They are so convenient!

Know Your Place

I am your captain now.

It’s Got The Flying Doors!!

No, not the car...

Relaxing Horror Massage

How to chase away a cute girl that wants to sit next to you.

Trump Racism

Didn't like his purple sleeves, that's all.

Monkey Haircut

This barber goes apeshit!


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