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Leave Me Alone


Wait For It

He just asked for it.

FFS What A Creep

When you videobomb your own video.

Trolling The Police

When you wanna make sure your car chase is going to be on television.

When You Overestimate Yourself

But your friends don't.

Faceplant x 9

Don't ever get comfy when driving public transport.

Flirting Dog

Yeah, you like that phat booty? *winks*

Charged With Attempted Clumsiness

Robber runs away as fast as he can after his crime.

Snow Gymnastics

If I can't ski, I'll try gymnastics.

Shadow Monster

Monsters come from where you least expect it.

I’m Blue?!!

Who the f*ck is that creep???

Close Call

Sometimes you just can't find the brakes anymore.


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