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One Big Fail

You want money, you get a facial of beer.

Rat Saves Her Child From Snake

Snake slithers away after rat goes mental on him.

Multipurpose Jeans

Don't throw away your old jeans!

A Casual Dive

When you're too mesmerized too realize you are wearing a bloody suit.

So Pretty Yet So Scary

The guy doesn't do well with blondes.

When You Overestimate Yourself

Do you know someone who can jump high enough?

Putin Has The Best Anger Management

Receive a kiss, respond with the fist- oh wait, there's cameras watching me.

Tattoo This Babe

Please tick the 'Yes' box though...

It’s Alive

Please let me sleep while I still can.

Cat Epilepsy

This is how to have your cat lose its mind.

The Funniest Arrest

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Does Hair Come Off Eventually?

Well, what the hell did you think would happen?!



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