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You Had One Job At This Wedding

Stop being so clumsy and clean up the mess you made.

Unwanted Carpooling

There's only one way to deal with unwanted passengers.

Touch Your Nose

The number one most useful skill when your tongue is this long.

The Ace Of Spades

An ace of spades from heaven.

Too Late Buddy

Trainer shows his pupil who's boss.

Trick Shot

When your feet don't listen to what your brain has to offer.

Mud Is Good For The Skin

There's still people that never watched a fail compilation. This is the result.

A Perv With Four Legs

This donkey knows a place or two to leave his urges.

Wait?! Am I At The Right Convention?

I just want to know about them new games man, don't distract me.

Hey You Have A Really Nice Skin

Wanna hump?

Now That’s A Great Jump

When you're today's best athlete, but there is also a suspicious green toolbox.

The Best Way To Dodge A Fine

If you have a cool hobby, it's easy to play the police.



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