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Anxiety Magazine

Fear not, this magazine solves all your daily anxiety problems.

iMessage Emergency

If technology bails on you, you'll have to go back in time a bit.

How To Take Naps In The Pool

The dad who's ages before his time.

Motivational Slogan Is Motivational

How did they know I was going to buy this poster?

Accepting Autism

As long as it pays the bills, it's okay.

Recommended By Dentists

You can trust them, they're the experts.

For Once Take A Normal Picture!

Is it really that hard to look at it to see if it looks okay?!

Inconvenient Exes

You might want to rethink how much you hate your ex.

An Italian Cheeseburger-Ah

When you're so American you always go for the cheeseburger, no matter where you are.

True Love Right There

So, so madly in love. Real love right there.

How I Flirt Back

Flirting with mermaids is not easy, you know.


When your latest 'project' just said "Hi"...



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